Hello guys! My name is Adrian and my major is Accounting. I hope to graduate and move on from CityTech and head towards either Baruch or Brooklyn College. I am not sure if I am even blogging correctly at this very moment and apologize if this may be late. I have only used openlab once and have forgotten all about it. My hobbies include hanging out with many of my friends back in high school, watching anime, browsing through many videos on YouTube, playing games/mobile games, watching NBA and playing sports. I am currently unemployed and maybe sometime Summer 2018, I will try to look for a internship. We all have to make our resumes look pretty stacking up the many jobs/internships eventually. Over this Summer, I have been doing what my hobbies are. Summer 2017 went by fast, but it was “lit.” There were so many reunions, parties, and many sleepless nights catching up with old friends. I personally enjoyed this Summer because not only was it relaxing but it was also nice to get away from our studies. For my next break, I plan to hang out more with my family members and work out more. I lost about 20 lbs during the Summer and I am currently 151 lbs. Overall this Summer was an opportunity for me to just lay back and enjoy the time go by even though the weather hasn’t been all that well.

I will be honest, I am not much  of a reader myself. I personally don’t like to read things that do not appear interesting but I will try to get a understanding of it. What I enjoy about writing, is that you have freedom. You can write whatever you want and express yourself on the internet and possibly receive constructive criticism.  Not only is receiving constructive criticism nice but it also great to give out your opinion on someone else’s paper. It’ll help us improve as we grow older and we’ll keep these mistakes from happening. Like before, I am not much of a reader but I do enjoy reading mangas/comics. This course will help me connect with myself more by expressing my thoughts to words. I never blogged about myself so it feel kind of awkward. I hope to learn more about the enjoyment people have for literature and also hope that maybe I may find something I might want to pick up myself. Again I apologize if this is late and hope to get along with people. (I said hope a lot but that’s all I can do for now! :))

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