intro and a R46

I’m Patrick Casalaspro from Elmhurst, Queens, currently beginning my second year here at  city tech.  My major is mechanical engineering technology, and I am writing this while drinking a yellow drink out of a green bottle.  My interests are trains(mainly British Steam engines, early British diesel engines, end of steam era american steam locomotives, MNR/LIRR rolling stock, and subway rolling stock), the world wars, and video games.  I read a lot of fan-fiction along with watching videos on YouTube.

The promised R46 is leaving the station

I took this picture at the end of 8 grade, the train is leaving the Grand ave Newtown stop on the Queens bulivard line.

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  1. Charie

    Hey I also play games are you PC or console if console which one I main PS4 but I am trying to ge into PC gaming any tips on what computer if you do PC.


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