Inside her MIND

The story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins is told through the lens of a woman who sees the world differently from everyone else. The story starts off as one would say, just like any other story, explaining the scenery and some reasoning of why the characters are where they are. It then starts evolving into the plot which is the telling of a woman who has experiences like no one else in the story, it seems. She begins focusing on a particular wallpaper which is in one of the rooms of their new home. She begins preoccupied with it in a way which tells the reader this wallpaper is going to be a big part of the story. She begins speaking about the wallpaper as if it was another character in the story, and the narrator too is aware of this personification saying “I never say so much expression in an inanimate thing before, and we all know how much expression they have” (Perkins, 3)

The narrator begins explaining of her “illness” and delves  in to what she and others perceive of her being not well. In many ways she hints of knowing she is not well and wanting to be better by doing the things she loves to do. Her husband in this story becomes what stops her from doing so. Her husband being a physician talks to her as if she were a cild, calling her child directly. It can be assumed her husband does not believe the narrator is sick at all but in tern acting as if something is wrong just to get her way. He tells her “you know the place is doing you good and really dear I don’t care to renovate the house just for a three months’ rental” (Perkins, 2) I can see how the narrator starts to become frustrated with herself and with everyone around her, becoming more and more fascinated with the wallpaper, making it an escape of some sort from reality.

She begins with wanting to know more of the wallpaper, imagining how the life it had before she moved in. Picturing children ripping the paper down because they couldn’t bare the sight of it the way she did. She begins in a way becoming the wallpaper, preparing a way in which she must break free. It is hard to say exactly what type of mental illness she suffered from and to say one in particular would be speculating. She begins having hallucinations in the room where the wallpaper is, becoming more secretive with her interest in the wallpaper with her husband as to hide what is going on inside her mind. At the end it is clear the wallpaper had possessed her entirely and there was nothing she could do but give in to the new reality which was her inside the wallpaper and the desire to finally break free once and for all.  She has been free from her mind and the life she is living right now.

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