In comes the storm

(Hello professor this is my post for There will come soft rains respond, due to when open lab crashed and I wasn’t able to upload my initial response.)

Much like how our own alarms ring in a gentle voice to awake us at the start of our day; only the lonely house’s voice echoed across the halls with each passing hour. Upon reaching the first few paragraphs, the narrator reveals the house to have a built in A.I that is able to control every square inch of the house based on the schedule. (Bradbury page 1) But after the first few schedules, there still wasn’t any response from anyone within the house. At eight-thirty the eggs were shriveled and the toast was like stone. (Bradbury page 1 paragraph 11). It has already been over an hour since the first alarm, the warm fresh breakfast still remained untouched. This house was empty, yet despite it being empty, the house is still running it’s daily schedule as it is meant to do.

We might believe, maybe who ever was in the house must’ve not heard the house’s voice calls, but as stated in Page 1 Paragraph 5, Eight-one, tick-tock, eight-one o’clock, off to school, off to work, run, run, eight-one! But no 
doors slammed, no carpets took the soft tread of rubber heels. It was raining outside. The weather box on 
the front door sang quietly: “Rain, rain, go away; rubbers, raincoats for today…” And the rain tapped on 
the empty house, echoing. Not a single presence of life of any kind within the house. Just the sheer loneliness that now resides within the home.

The narrator managed to create the painful lonliness and emptiness within a house that is not able to move, the only company being of a slowly dying stray dog, (Bradbury Page 2, last sentence) but even then the canine was there for mere minutes before the silence returned.

While this house is not able to move, the narrator provides us with some information of how this house is “still standing”, within the once “beautiful” city of Allendale, California,  The house stood alone in a city of rubble and
ashes. This was the one house left standing. At night the ruined city gave off a radioactive glow which 
could be seen for miles. (Bradbury Page 1 paragraph 3). Even showing signs that this house has even been previously burnt. Running down the charred west side where the house had been burned evenly free of its white paint. The entire west face of the house was black, save for five places. (Bradbury Page 2 Paragraph 2).

Nearing the end of this short story, the house continues it’s scheduled routine, whether or not the residents are within, it continues as commanded. From what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the narrator clearly indicates that the house has previously been on fire, due to one of routines which involves a fire lighting a cigar that is waiting to be picked up at eight o’ clock.  A new routine was made ever since the disappearance of the residence, where each night the house must put out the blazing fire. (Bradbury page 5). Again the narrator perfectly reminds us the painful emptiness, the lack of any real human, no emotion, just a single electronic voice on a wall (page 7).

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