IMPORTANT: Classroom Moved to Namm 705

Hi everyone:

I just found out that our classroom has been moved to Namm 705. We will be meeting in Namm 705 today, and for the rest of the semester (this is a permanent change).

There will be a sign on our old classroom (Midway 305), but hopefully we’ll be able to spread the word to most of you before class begins. Please email/txt any classmates whose contact info. you have, to let them know. The info. on our OpenLab course site is also updated, as is the classroom info. in CUNYfirst.

Please confirm that you got notice of this classroom change by replying to this post (you can just write something like, “yup,” or “got it”). Thanks so much, and glad we’ll be able to write on the board going forward 🙂

Professor Belli

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