HW for Thursday (8/31)

Hi everyone:

Lovely to meet you all today, and to start to get to know you! And thanks for bearing with things as we improvised, since the whiteboard was destroyed & the computer didn’t work and we couldn’t project the OpenLab as planned.

As I mentioned in class, everything you need to know for the course, and everything you need to do for HW is here on this site (remember, the course site URL is at the top of the Syllabus). Your first stop here should always be the Schedule, which has up-to-date info. on readings, assignments, and deadlines.

If you’re new to the OpenLab and need help getting started, check out these posts (the “OpenLab Help” category) I made that explain how to get an account, join the course, make a post, categorize, comment, add images, etc..  Remember to always read from the bottom up (the newest posts are on top!)

As discussed, the HW is on the Schedule. Remember that HW is due on the date listed, so to see what is due for today, check today’s date (Tu 8/29). You should

  • Register for OpenLab account, join our course site, and familiarize yourself with its content and navigation (look at OpenLab Help to get started blogging)
  • Review Syllabus & Blogging Guidelines

To see what is due for our next class (Th 8/31), check that date. Before Thursday’s class, you also need to do the following:

  • Watch this very brief slideshow on The Elements of Fiction (remember to take notes!), and read/annotate “The Story of an Hour” and “For Better Social Skills, Scientists Recommend a Little Checkhov” (both handed out in class today).
  • Finally, don’t forget to make your Introductions post (by W 8/30), and to read through/comment on your classmates’ posts before class.

Things are pretty self-explanatory on our course site (if you take some time to read through everything), but as always, feel free to email me with any questions or just leave a comment (“reply”) here on this post. And don’t worry: once you get the hang of the OpenLab, it’s actually quite fun! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 🙂

Professor Belli

*P.S. Thanks Nick for taking Class Notes today! If you’re feeling ambitious, please type them up and post them to the site (categorizing as “Class Notes”). Class Notes should be posted no later than the night of class, going forward.

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  1. Daniel

    Hi Yall….Daniel Fanning here…I do not see where I can write an original blog post, so I will leave this reply instead……problems of the beginning!

    May I wish you all success and fulfillment in this course.





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