In this story “The Yellow Wallpaper”, many different points of views, and motives occur. For example, in the beginning of the story, the protagonist had her suspicions about the wallpaper. However, her main focus was to get well and get back to work. Due to her troubles such as being sick and not being productive, she says she feels as though her brother and husband has “forbidden to work until I am well again”. This is a dilemma for her because she stresses the inability to be a productive mother and wife. Also, it is causing her to become moody. Because she has so much alone time on her hands considering her husband is out taking care of other sick patients while she requests JennieĀ to give her alone time arguing it will be a better cure for her, she uses that time to study the wall paper a bit more and widens her imagination by turning nothing into something. She becomes so obsessed with the idea at one point that she sees both her husband and Jennie as possible competition. “I caught him several times staring at the paper” “and Jennie too” suggests that this no longer is about killing time but in fact is about uncovering the missing pieces to her theory which was that with regards to the paper, “the woman behind shakes it”, and getting to the mystery FIRST. It can be inferred that based off of her husband’s demands such as staying home and suggesting her to be unproductive can mean he has some type of knowledge on the paper and is trying to keep it a secret considering he acts as though he has no clue as to what is going on. Also, he tries to convince her of not paying mind toward the idea of the paper having a vivid image/ meaning behind it. For example, she says “he says i must use self-controlĀ and not let any silly fancies run away with me”. This to me suggests he has something to do with the paper due to him trying to give his wife a new motive such as being a better wife and mother rather than focusing on the paper, which he secretly could be trying to solve as well. This shows that there are many different motives from the beginning to end because in the beginning of the story she intends to be a better wife for her husband and a better mother to her daughter. However, as she becomes more drawn into her little “fancy” her motive changes to her not even worrying about that and in fact worrying about getting to solve the mystery even if it involves going against her husbandĀ 


  1. Daniel

    Hi, Timothy
    I think that being busy with the wallpaper is an escape from the reality of her life.
    I know that it’s easier for me to be busy with what I do not need to do immediately.


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