Human emotion

Although Offred seems to be gaining more self confidence in the current situation she is in, I’m surprised that she also seems to be accepting the fact that she never may leave the center. During the beginning of the book, she was expecting Luke to save her, or break her out any minute and was constantly dreaming about it, but not suddenly she has accepted that this is where she belongs now. “But that’s where I am, there’s no escaping it. Tim’es a trap. I’m caught in it. I must forget about my secret name and all ways back. My name is Offred now, and here is where I live.” (143) She is acknowledging that her previous life is irrelevant and should not be considered anymore which I think is strange since I think even in such a situation she would have a little hope for something good to happen. Maybe the rumor of drugs in the food is possible and the women are persuaded into thinking in such a way.

Offred also seems to find a weakness in the commander or tries to manipulate him. The commander wanted to see Offred in private which was extremely unusual since she was a handmaid, yet all the suspense portrayed was humorously for nothing as the Commander wanted to play scrabble with her. Since the handmaids were forbidden to read or write, I’m sure Offred enjoyed playing scrabble, although she was probably rather confused. Offred gave off the vibe that she was “getting comfortable”, but I think this could be very dangerous since she is a handmaid and the consequences that pertain to her. She contemplates the consequences and does realize that this could possibly be, “it could be a passport, it could be my downfall.” (144). “I think I could get some of that, he said, as if indulging in a chil’d wish for bubble gum. But she might smell it on you.” (159) The commander said to Offred when she asked for hand/face lotion which was prohibited. This shows the commander knows as well what he is doing is risky and considered “wrong,” but yet he still goes through with it. He continues also on page 184, offering Offred many times of magazines and novels to read at her choosing which was strictly prohibited for handmaids.

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