“How to be a girl” guide

Honestly this way of thinking is fairly old and may be common in some religions, but I think it’s unnecessary for parents to think/teach their kids how to act a specific way.  It wasn’t a very informative guide to become a “woman.” What the mother was doing was just shoving her idealistic ways for her daughter to not become a slut.  Her mother refrains the protagonist from doing a lot of things such as not allowing her to sing benna and not allowing her to speak to wharf-rat boys. She doesn’t want her daughter to be expose to these kind of people and in a way she seems overprotective in a wrong way. The mother constantly tells her daughter that there is a only one way to treat person A and how to smile to person B. In a way the mother is setting up her daughter to become like her and it’s overbearing for the daughter.

The story continued on with the mother’s rant and “this is how to do this” kind of talk. It got pretty redundant towards the middle to the end. When the mother said “don’t squat down to play marbles – you are not a boy” (page 1) it all ties back to the mom demanding that the daughter better not associate or become a slut. This sort of advice isn’t helpful because the daughter obviously lacks the experience of being an adult. Also telling her daughter how to act in front of a male and how to smile seemed like the mom is trying to pick out a guy for her daughter.

In the end, the daughter didn’t  take in all the information that the mother gave in when she asked her mother, “but what if the baker won’t let me feel the bread?” (page 1). When the mother commented back, I noticed that this has to connect with the mother trying to convince her daughter to not be a slut. When the mother specifically said “you are really going to be the kind of woman…” (page 1) she probably was talking about the probability of her daughter being a slut because she didn’t comprehend the information. The mother’s notion is that sluts/wharf-rat boys are dirty and so the baker won’t let them touch his bread unless the daughter isn’t that kind of person.

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