How to be a girl (Girl)

When I first read this, I feel depressed what this girl is going through. Now I don’t know if their is an actual character who is a girl since it was never mentioned. For now I believe the protagonist is a girl and the antagonist seems to an adult probably to be a parent or guardian. Throughout this short novel, the narrator seems to be a parent or guardian because this person is probably teaching a young girl to be a proper girl from their point of view. From the reading narrator keeps saying “this is how to,” then it explains how the action is supposed to be performed. The tone that the narrator is giving feels like a parent teaching his or her child how to do things properly. However this feels different, from my understanding their aren’t trying to make a proper girl but more like a slave or creating this girl to be a “perfect wife” for somebody. When I say “perfect wife” I mean forcing her into an arrange marriage. I have read before in some countries, parents train their daughters to be “perfect wives” to be used as a bargaining chip to achieve riches. This is a possibility that this is what’s happening to the girl. The narrator also uses a harsh tone when saying “don’t” then explains the action. The narrator wants the girl to be a proper lady, not like a “boy” who plays marbles, not to “eat fruits in the street”as if it would gather attention to her. The narrator also mentions before that she must not be “the slut you are so bent on becoming.” This is mostly that the girl does not intend to be “slut” but to be free. Why does she want to be free because she wants to break she shackles of captivity, she wants become whoever she wants to be. This is possibly what the protagonist is thinking. The majority of people or maybe everyone would want if they were in this situation. Upon reading this novel several times I have notice that the girl, protagonist, does exist in this novel. I have discovered that she spoke in this story. There isn’t quotation marks but the author changed the font of the text to represent that she is speaking. This happening twice in the novel in the beginning and close to the end of the novel. The first time was when she was responding to a statement that the narrator made about not to sing benna on Sundays or during Sunday school. The second time was when she asked a question about if the baker won’t let her feel the bread. The first comment was ignored as the narrator follows the list of how to be a lady. The narrator then answered her question with a question as if it were make the girl feel like an idiot. Throughout this novel, the protagonist has to follow the narrator’s orders in order to become a proper lady or a proper girl. This is depressing life for, anyone would pity her and no one deserves to live like that.  

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