How Arthur is Truly the Main Character

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel we meet Arthur Lender on the first line. ILL try to prove in this essay how the main character in the novel is Arthur Lender and how his life impacted each of the other characters. I’ll show that he impacted each character not only a physical aspect but also a mental aspect. I’ll show how each character has memory of Arthur that will either affect in a positive way or a negative way. Some of the character that Arthur affects are Kristen, Miranda, Tyler, Clark, Jevvan and Elizabeth.

Arthur was not the perfect man nor was he a good husband but it was these character traits that make him the perfect main character. At the end of the novel we Arthur giving his collection of the Station Eleven to Kirsten. By doing this he starts a domino effect that will somehow end back with Arthur. There is a moment in the first chapter where we see how each character will be connected one way or another after Arthur had passed away Jeevan comforts Kirsten and attempts to distract her from Arthur’s death. Even In his death Arthur is somehow bringing the character together. Clark reads Kirsten’s retelling of Arthur’s death, that he saw from a newspaper. This moment we see how Arthurs death brings two character together even though they are not next to each other by reading this article Clark believes that there is a possible future for civilization.

Now if Arthur was a good husband and never cheated on his first wife Miranda then maybe all these character would of never met it was these events that led to everything. After divorcing his wife he meets and marries a woman by the name of Elizabeth and they have son name Tyler. Now Arthur Leaves Elizabeth and she takes her son Tyler to Israel and it was these events that led Tyler to become the prophet.  Due to Tyler’s mom being unstable and Arthur barley being involved in his life he has to grow up on his own and becomes the man he is. Tyler becomes obsessed by the Station Eleven comics and this obsession is the only thing that saves Kristen. Now Arthur being the bad father informs his son he won’t be going to Israel and will miss his birthday.  Tyler then starts explain his love the “Station Eleven” comic books, and begins excitedly explaining them to his father.


One thing I’m still working is how Arthur being married to Miranda allowed all the characters to meet. Also the difficulty of showing how Arthur not Miranda is the main character. I’m currently trying to find proof in the short story. I’m also working on the cover letter.

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