Sometimes in life one feels like they are stuck and it may be hard to change that. I think the best way to get out of that situation is to find something or a goal and work hard to achieve that goal. This is very true in the novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. In this novel the characters are in a probable future where 99% of the population had been killed off by a deadly virus. Even in a world with no laws and no hope people are still living with goals. Not only am I going to mention characters who are in the future that live while working on a goal but. I will also touch on major characters from before the collapse.

        What defines us as human beings are what we have experienced in our lives and what connects ourselves with these experiences are our memories. Coincidentally we have a character in Station Eleven who lives day by day trying to find pieces of her childhood that could possibly bring back memories of her childhood and of the first year of the collapse. This character is Kirsten.” There were countless things about the pre-collapse world that Kirsten couldn’t remember– her street, her mother’s face, the TV shows that August never stopped talking about– but she did remember Arther Leander, and after that first sighting she went through every magazine she could find in search for him”(Mandel, 40). Kirsten is living life as she could scavenging food/ Supplies/ and pieces of herself. If it was not for having the goal to find herself she would just be serving but. as we all know ” survival is insufficient”(Mandel, 58). This is the motto of Traveling Symphony and it basically means that simply surviving is not enough, you must have something worth working for as you survive and for the Traveling Symphony it was the preservation of the past.

          Finding yourself can be a very good goal but simply doing what you love is very admirable in itself. Of course I am talking about Miranda. Miranda was with her boyfriend for years until she got tired of the ways he put her and her hobby down. Her hobby was the graphic novel” Station Eleven”. She left her boyfriend and became Authur’s first wife where he was more supportive. On the contrary though Arthur lived his like wanting attention and he became famous yet he was still unhappy.

Please note this is just a pre. draft and anything is subject to change. This was a bit rushed especially by the second body paragraph so I apologize for not getting a quote but I figured a grade is better than no grade

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