Throughout the story “Girl”, guidance from an experienced lady is being revealed to the younger generation of girls on how to act and be treated like a woman. It is inferred that the writer of the story is experienced considering she is speaking on certain basic actions taken by a young woman both positive and negative and their results. Last but not least, how to prevent or get out of negative situations. This is explained through the repetition of “this is how” supporting the conclusion that she has been there and experienced those situations. In the short story, it is explained for a lady to treat herself like one to prevent attracting guys who will waste her time. The narrator shows significance towards young woman not making a fool of themselves because then all the guidance their parents possibly gave them will contradict their recent actions.  It is also inferred that the Narrator writing this story is in defense of young woman preventing a heart break, or getting out of situations that can put their life on pause. In other words, these instructions are to help guide a young woman to live her everyday life as a respected woman in order to attract the right guys and as a result, have fewer dilemmas when trying to figure a guy out or not have to feel like a fool when it is all said and done. “Don’t eat fruits on the street” because “flies will follow” suggests that the narrator is saying for a woman to not do anything guys are attracted to because they will be quick to give attention.  This shows that the narrator truly supports out-competing guys mentally to prevent them from taking advantage or wasting a ladies time. Also, this to me means that she is making it her business to be as impactful as possible to those who read considering she is directly demanding certain actions such as “do not eat fruits in the street” which shows she feels strongly about her position and how to go about it. In conclusion, her main reason for speaking on all of this is for a young woman to create a better technique when she “squeezes bread to make sure it is fresh”. In other words, to be better at determining whether a guy is for them or not and if they aren’t in a position to do so? Make the guy trust them more to get the more truthful side of him.

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