Gilead Changes People

Gilead, once known as America; changed dramatically. Women are seen as tools to make children and men of high standing “abuse” their powers. Offred is a good example who changed. Pre-Gilead, she was a mother and her family meant the world to her. Following the death of the president and literally the world itself, Gilead’s laws categorizes women of lower standards into groups where they either serve men or serve in the colonies.

Offred once determined to find her daughter, now is conflicted between who she truly loves. Does she love the commander, Luke or Nick? This confusion has her thinking things very differently and doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Moira, another person who changed post-Gilead, was not changed for the good either. She was a lesbian and in Gilead, that is frown upon and can lead to death. In chapter 38, Moira was never seen again afterwards. “I don’t know how she ended, or even if she did, because I never saw her again” (Atwood 250). Moira was sent to a prostitution instead of the colonies. She didn’t want to be worked to death and saw clips of the colonies and how badly women were treated there. Even saying that she saw Offred’s mother, who was once a proud woman who believed in her rights. Moira’s will and her beliefs were shattered and maybe even died proud as a woman.

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