Getting Started on the OpenLab

To sign-up for an OpenLab account, create your profile, and become familiar with the system:

  • Sign in to your City Tech email account
  • Sign up for an OpenLab account ASAP (no later than Tuesday 8/29!)
  • If you have trouble clicking the confirmation link in the email from the OpenLab, try cutting and pasting it into the address bar of Firefox or Chrome
  • Log in to the OpenLab
  • Join our course, ENG 2001: Introduction to Literature I: Fiction, by clicking on its Course Profile (here is more info. about joining courses)
  • Browse through the OpenLab (even if you’ve used it before, check it out again as there are always new sites, people, and feature), noticing how people use it and what kind of materials they include
  • Click on People & browse through a few pages of OpenLab members, looking at the avatars and reading about the members in their profile sections
  • Now create your own profile, uploading an avatar and including a bio/profile (remember, this info. is available to the public!).

Questions? If you need technical support, you should check out the (very detailed/helpful!) Help section of OpenLab, &, if you still have questions, attend a workshop or an office hour, or contact the wonderful OpenLab Community Team via email

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