Gender Roles in a New Government

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a story of an overthrown government by a theocratic regime and the people’s rebellion to reform the government. One interesting aspect we see during current rule of the government is the way the gender roles gave become. Due to the USA now being a rigid Christian nation that follows a rigid Christian principles. There is now a disempowerment of woman and we see early on how they chose to fight back and try to regain their liberties.

We see early on how the woman are oppressed the two aunts Aunt Sara and Aunt Elizabeth aren’t allowed to have guns but the guards that are outside are they are given special privileges like being outside while the two aunts are only allowed outside for two walks outside. Offred is trying to make some contact with the guards using her body. Offred understands that she still has her body and she can use that to make the guards respond. Another issue with the gender roles of the woman is that the woman can’t agree on a how they should behave. We see how Rita and Offred are both victims of the Christian anti-woman government but their internal divisions will keep them away from working together and threaten the government.

We also Serena Joy the wife of the leader seems to be hypocrite with her beliefs. On one hand she supports her husband in the belief that Handmaid and Wife should be separate but at the same time disobeying her husband and rebelling by smoking a cigarette. Another example of Offred using her body is when she passes a barricade and walks in a seductive manner in hoping that she’s aroused the men so much that they’ll suffer at night.

Now even though the world is not perfect Offred believes that there were some improvements made to woman like constant precautions she had to take with men, but at the same time she had the option of choose her own clothes and spend money. The name of the grocery store has an interesting meaning of “Milk and Honey” the biblical name could mean that women aren’t allowed to read the bible and this shows Gilead’s two most prime interesting  oppressing woman and making a Christian society.

We see how successful Gilead is in tricking people mind Offred has a moment where she actually thinks used to dress like the women she now finds repulsive. Gilead is able to change people mind and have them start thinking like he believes the new country should be.

We currently see how Gilead is successful into making woman believe there rights should be decreased. We start seeing how even the woman who are against these laws being set against them they also start believing these laws are just and that they are against people who don’t dress like them

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