Gemanna Gomez Introduction

Hello Class!\


I am Gemanna Gomez, pronounced (Heh-Mah-Nah). I prefer being called Gem, which is my nickname. I am a first generation Dominican American, with Haitian ancestry as well. I am 19 years old, currently living in the Bronx and majoring in Liberal Arts and Arts here at City Tech. This is my second year at this school, after which I hope to attain my Associates degree and transfer to a school (possibly Brooklyn College or Hunter College) to study Journalism and English Education. My favorite color is burgundy, which I once had as my hair color not too long ago. I enjoy reading and writing very much and I’ve written several chapter books as a child that I plan on publishing someday.

When it comes to literature, I enjoy fiction/sci-fy stories, and dystopian seems to be a new favorite genre as well. I really enjoy the perspectives and creative takes that authors have on the effects of technology advancement, and how it can cripple our society in the “future”. As for strength and weaknesses, I feel that I am a very great writer and reflector, yet a weak public speaker or presenter. I love that writing is an anonymous voice and different way of self expression, and I live for the different worlds I get to experience in each book I read. My goal has constantly been to be open to new vocabulary words in the texts we read as a class, as well as expand my knowledge and writing skills by studying their definitions. I also look forward to experiencing and learning from other students as we share ideas and reflect on the texts given.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Gemanna Gomez Introduction

  1. blanca borquez

    Pretty good so far, i think the only thing that you are missing is your strength and weakness in english. I went along with what everyone was typing. Also, you need a picture and a link so you can get familiarized with openlab.

  2. Timothy

    I’m also from the Bronx, and good to know you enjoy writing. I hope for the best outcome with regards to you going on to successfully publishing the books you’ve written.


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