Why do I write? Well the main reason for why I write is because I have to since its homework. Jokes aside I write becauseĀ  you get to be you, you can write whatever you want, whether it be good or bad. It doesn’t matter. There’s a lot of pressure that is put on every person everyday of their lives, from preparing for SAT’s, getting good grades in college, paying off your bills, trying to figure out what your going to do with your life, getting the money to get by day by day, etc.

Writing for me is a way of letting off steam. You don’t have to put on a “mask” of being like everyone else just so you don’t get judged by everyone around you and it’s something that takes my mind off anything that would possibly give me stress, though my main way of relieving stress is through games.

Writing also leaves behind many ideas which I don’t really think about. If I ever came up with something interesting, I would write it down and just leave it there till I decide to go back and build on it. Writing lets people introduce others into a completely new world which some might have never thought of. Things like the light novels that people enjoy reading like the new gate which caught my interest, rising of the shield hero, which eventually leads to their manga counterparts being released eventually. There are even games which are made based off novels, for example The Witcher games which are amazing in how detailed everything is in the world. Writing lets you take a look into the world that the authors are making in their minds, which always differs from person to person.For me and probably many people writing is a way of putting yourself out there in the world, though not directly linking it to ourselves sometimes, the things people write tend to be reflections of how some people live, or how they see the world, etc. We can be as creative as we want, we can destroy anything that we can imagine, you can create brand new race of creatures, people, anything you want. In a world where we are always chained down by life, in writing you are free to do anything you please with no consequences or anyone to judge you. Well unless someone finds it and reads it themselves

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For what I like about writing, its that I can make whatever I want. In the worlds in which anyone can write, you could add dragons, elves, virtual realities that you can actually interact with, summoned into a different world. Writing can have as many ideas anyone can come up with without being chained down by your life’s responsibilities. Writing lets you be you, with nothing holding you down, no one holding you back, well other than yourself. It also leaves a piece of you behind if anyone wants to leave behind something before they leave this planet. I enjoy the freedom which writing actually gives to me. People will always fight for their freedom, but in the end we are always chained down by something. When I write, I don’t have those same restrictions as I normally would in life. You are free to do whatever you want. I write because I am free to do whatever I want, add whatever I want, destroy what ever I want, I get to do whatever I want without being held back by anything.

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