Forgotten Memories

Adrian Zhang

Essay #1 Pre-Draft

Forgotten Memories


            A flu name the Georgia Flu has nearly wiping out the population of Earth and those who remain, struggle to survive and find purpose in the lawless world. Devastated, a selection of the survivors finds themselves raiding, committing criminal acts, murder, gone insane, travel or someone has come to a decision that repopulating the world would be a lot better. But what a clear majority of them share, is that they all have “forgotten memories.” Many of the survivors forgot what happen to them before the epidemic and that isn’t okay. What Clark is doing for the future generation is a great example of preserving the past and people’s memories.

Body 1

            Kirsten, arguably the main protagonist, sets out with her crew, the Traveling Symphony, to play their instruments and preform Shakespeare plays for the remaining survivors. The Traveling Symphony face many difficulties such as death and survival. The loss of her family because of the Georgia Flu, traumatizes her. Kirsten chooses to remember certain things that are important to her and any other detail is a blur to her. For example, Kirsten remembers the comics, Station Eleven. “Dr. Eleven, Vol. I, No. I: Station Eleven and Dr. Eleven, Vol. 2: The Pursuit. By Year Twenty, Kirsten has them memorized” (Mandel 42). “Survival is insufficient” (119) means a lot to Kirsten. She in in a world where basically everyone is dead, and the remaining survivors are in it for themselves. It’s a lawless world and what she contributes to the Traveling Symphony is what keeps her going. Art has become one of the reasons why she still surviving. “That everything that has ever happened on this earth has happened for a reason” (59).  Many of the people who have come to watch them preform, enjoy what they do for the community, especially the Prophet.

Body 2

            We can argue that Tyler/the Prophet acts like his father in a similar way. Most children growing up, imitate their parents and his father, Arthur has been in several relationships. Although Arthur may not have been there in his life much, he has impacted Tyler in the wrong way. Arthur’s affairs impact Tyler and ultimately, he marries multiple wives, including those of who are underage. Tyler comes off as an extremist and believes that the Georgia Flu is a “cleansing.” We can see that his ideology is twisted, and we can also imply that his insane mother, Elizabeth, had an impact on his unfiltered language when it comes to his philosophy. “Everything happens for a reason” (253). His memory of his parents is without a doubt messed up and Tyler implements what he experiences in his past life to his current life.


  • What have I done: I have been looking through where to find certain things because I didn’t write on a sticky note.
  • What am I still looking for: Looking for more textual evidence of things to improve upon the paper
  • What am I struggling with: Re-reading the book to find the evidence was a struggle.
  • What I


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