Forbidden world

When the women in the world were limited on their activities, thinking and certain communications, what would their life look like after? I was really impressed after I read the first two parts of “The Handmaid’s Tale”. All women are limited to live in one place, and get protected by the guardians which named by Angels. And at this moment, the position in the society seemed to be more obvious. Lower classes will be working for the upper classes.

In the place named Gilead, it comes a new class which was called the handmaid, who actually works for those women in the upper class which were not able to get pregnant, The world in the book so far had been affected by lack of healthy women which able to get pregnant. As the women walked out the house, they only see the men who worked as the guardians for them, they wished those guardians who were names Angels could talk to them a little, however, this could not be achieved because they were assigned to work for upper classes and help them to get babies. The world in Gilead was getting unequal upon the sudden change in the environment and those handmaids were treating like tools to those commanders.

Life seemed to a little hard since the new society of “The republic of Gilead”. In the narrator’s memory, back in the time that before the Gilead period, they, the women were not being protected and they had to keep the doors shut in order to protect themselves from the strangers, and had to ignored the catcalls in the streets do they will be safe. But now under the protection, they were not being whistled when they walk in the streets and none will touch them even they go into streets. Life seemed to be better, however it was getting worse to them. They wished the guardians, the Angels could talk to them or they could talk to them instead. However, they were not allowed to do that any more. As the handmaids, they were limited on their activities and being used as the upper classes’ tools for pregnancy after.

Throughout the part I and part II in the book, the unequal status was so obvious and those healthy were mostly used as the tools for pregnancy, dissatisfy was fully expressed throughout sentences.

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