Eye Of The Storm

This story is the most straight forward story we read this semester and i loved it.   I thought this story was about a play but instead its about what happens at a play;The main character in this play dies of a heart attack. The man that died is a actor named Arthur Leander in a play called King Lear by Shakespeare.  Even the way it was described while trying to act was for some reason to me beautiful to even picture in my head“He cradled his chest like a broken bird” (The Theater 1,3)  It introduces many characters and shows their emotion and parts of their personality in a very fluid manner that i really enjoyed. I love how they introduced Jeeven Chaudhary as this reluctant hero on a hero journey, almost like he was chosen to be there.“but in the first row of the orchestra section a man was rising from his seat.”(The Theater 1,3)I know this is a typical hero cliche to have a hero type come to try and save the day reluctantly but it was great because of the way the stage was described in was symbolic of a tragedy going to happen with the plastic snow constantly falling, it represents bleak situations and death. The other actors reactions were captured while  The crowd reaction was typical but what interested me was Jeevens relationship with his girlfriend.

She just is not a support for Jeeven as they get into dont see each others perspective on things. Its obvious that Jeevan and Laura don’t see eye to eye. They do not have good communication with each other, which shows how unhealthy and incompatible their relationship is. Jeevan and Laura’s relationship is not a good one at all. Jeevan and Laura don’t get along clearly. For example, “It was still possible at that moment that Arthur was acting, but in the first row of the orchestra section a man was rising from his seat. He’d been training to be a paramedic. “The man’s girlfriend tugged at his sleeve, hissed, ‘Jeevan! What are you doing?’” (The Theater 1,3). Laura should not be upset with Jeevan over his decision to help. She should know if she lives with him about his aspiration to be a paramedic. She should understand why he ran up to save Arthur when everyone saw that there was something off about the situation at hand. After all of that, seeing someone that he spoke to once in the past in an interview in his old job die right in front of him Jeevan discovered Laura went home without him. Why would someone do that to anyone if they weren’t already ready to leave from the beginning because she probably did not care to come in the first place. “His phone vibrated in his pocket. He stopped to read a text message from Laura: I had a headache so I went home. Can you pick up milk? And here, all momentum left him. He could go no farther. The theater tickets had been intended as a romantic gesture, a let’s-do-something-romantic-because-all-we-do-is-fight, and she’d abandoned him there, she’d left him onstage performing CPR on a dead actor and gone home, and now she wanted him to buy milk.”  By chapter 3, Jeevan gets info of the impending disease by his friend, Hua, a medic who works at Toronto General Hospital. Hua described the flu’s fast, widespread contagion based on what he witnessed in the hospital. People who were infected got worse and died in a short time. Hua told Jeevan to evacuate the city or to stock up on food and stay safe at home. Jeevan planned and prepared to stay with his brother Frank, who’s wheelchair-bound and lives in a 22nd floor apartment. Jeevan called Laura to warn her but she just wants to know where she has been.

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