Extra Credit Opportunity: Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, 9/17

The Brooklyn Book Festival is almost here, and on Sunday, 9/17, there is an amazing line-up of talks. The event is local, free, & no tickets are required. Visit the links above for full details.

This is a totally optional event, but I encourage you to attend if you can and to share what you’ve learned with the class. If you attend one more more talks & blog in response by start of class on Tu 9/19, you will get extra credit (yay!).

This extra credit will replace a missing blog if you missed some blogs, or it will count as extra credit if already you did all of your blogs (bonus points). Please note that there are only two grades for this extra credit blog: 100 and 0. If you attend the event and blog your responses/reflections thoughtfully and comprehensively, you will receive 100% (otherwise,  you will receive no credit). Don’t forget to take notes at the event, so you can include concrete details in your blog.

Please categorize your blog as “Brooklyn Book Festival.”

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