In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, There appear to be stories broken up into pieces that are slowly coming together. In section three, the story begins to tell the past of Arthur Leander, whom we recall passed away due to a heart attack in section one. The narrator begins to show a glimpse of the start of his career and his past relationships. Anyhow, the story opens up with Arthur and Miranda at a restaurant in Toronto. Miranda seems to be venting to Arthur and searching for comfort and help to leave an abusive relationship that she is in. She has bruises on her face and tells Arthur, “I’m going to leave him.” The girl, Miranda, has a recent bruise on her face. They’re speaking in whispers to avoid being overheard by the restaurant staff. He nods. “Good.” He’s looking at the bruise, which Miranda hasn’t been entirely successful in concealing with makeup. “I was hoping you’d say that. What do you need?” “I don’t know,” she says. “I’m sorry about all this. I just can’t go home.”( Page 13, My page numbers will be different for now since I am currently reading the story online and not a paperback version) From this moment I knew that Arthur was going to become a huge part of Miranda’s life, and she would also become a huge part of his. For example, I believe Miranda helped Arthur become more recognized by society. After discussing and planning what she should do, the two leave the restaurant and have photos taken by paparazzi. This most definitely leads Arthur to have more attention on him by others now that he has been seen with this mysterious women.

Arthur becomes an important part of Miranda’s life because he helps her move on from her abusive boyfriend. To be more specific, Arthur and Miranda end up falling for eachother. For example in chapter 14  there are a few lines that show Arthur’s genuine interest and care for Miranda and her love for him,  “I’m working on a comic-book project,” she tells him later, when he asks about her work. “Maybe a series of graphic novels. I don’t know what it is yet, “What made you choose that form?”
“I used to read a lot of comics when I was a kid. Did you ever read Calvin and Hobbes?” Arthur is watching her closely…..”Are you still with Pablo?” he asks, when they’re out on the street. He’s hailing a cab. Certain things have been decided without either of them exactly talking about it.

“We’re breaking up. We’re not right for each other.” Saying it aloud makes it true. They are getting into a taxi, they’re kissing in the backseat, he’s steering her across the lobby of the hotel with his hand on her back, she is kissing him in the elevator, she is following him into a room. And she feels a peculiar giddiness when she reads this fourth text. There are thoughts of freedom and imminent escape. I could throw away almost everything, she thinks, and begin all over again” ….”There are tears in her eyes now. Miranda is a person with very few certainties but, one of them is that only the dishonorable leave when things get difficult.”(Pages 18-20) Miranda finally ends her thought process. These lines show that she choses Arthur over her ex and seems to slow grow into what happiness really is now that she’ll be free. He honestly helped her without realizing, how to escape her sadness.

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