English 2001 Intro To Literature

Hello everyone, my name is Jordan, I am a sophomore at Citytech, my major is Liberal Arts and Sciences. I currently am a member of the Bridges Scholars Program at Citytech. By being in this program, I get to conduct research with my mentors on topics related to Biology, Psychology and Chemistry. Beginning this fall, I will be working with my mentor of Psychology on how virtual reality headsets affects the human brain while focusing on measuring and analyzing  the emotional aspects of it. In the Program, I also get to go on field trips to botanical gardens, museums, etc.  Sometimes I even get to present the research I’ve been working on to other mentors , scientists and people that are interested in these science fields.  I plan on getting my associates degree from Citytech right before I transfer into Brooklyn college for a Bachelor in Biology. I also plan on getting my masters in Biology, for a better understanding of the field, also, right after I get my master, I plan on registering  into Medical School to pursue my long term goal of becoming a Cardiologist.

2 thoughts on “English 2001 Intro To Literature

  1. Sebastian Garzon

    Hey Jordan, I wish you luck reaching your career. I can understand that it isn’t easy because I know some who are studying for a similar field. Also you have to edit your post and change your category to introduction, not uncategorized.

  2. Kina

    Hello Jordan, It is really cool that you are in a program that gives you mentors to work with and I think that it is awesome that you will get to work with your mentor on the project about how virtual reality headsets affects the human brain. I would love to learn about the outcome of the project. Maybe in the future you can make a post about it on here. I also want to say good luck on all of your projects that you are working on with your mentors.


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