English 2001: Intro. to Literature

Good day everyone~! My name is Sharie Libreros.  I am currently eighteen years-old but in September 15th I will be nineteen. Currently I am studying Liberal Arts and Arts but my main goal is to attempt to transfer to an art college in order to study and major in Animation as well with gaining a degree in Storyboarding. I am currently taking this course because I wish to improve both my writing and my story telling skills, especially with my dream to become an animator, especially with storyboarding.

I suppose now is the time to explain a little more about me?
I tend to spend my free time drawing as it is my passion, most of all I enjoy drawing cartoons, little characters that come to my mind, I hope to one day create my own animations to display as well with working along side many other skillful animators.
During my other spare time I tend to play video games, I mostly enjoy games that are more story based, but I still find enjoyment in most genres whether or not they have a story, just as long as they’re fun. It’s hard for me to choose my favorite game of all time but my top three are definitely, Mother 3 (Earthbound series), Megaman 1 & 2, Pokémon Gold and Silver, Super Mario World, Super Smash Bros. (all of them but mostly the 64)

I absolutely adore movies. Since I was a child, I always watched films, due to the fact we didn’t have much cable. I suppose that’s where my love for films began. I try to keep an open mind and find joy in all genre of film. There’s just a form of magic to films that is so hard to capture in any other form. One of my favorite directors of all time is Stanley Kubrick, he simply reaches that form of perfection and style that is impossible to replicate. Now while I cannot say I have a “favorite” film as there will always be another movie that will take my breath away. And I only hope to see even more, both old and new, to open my eyes and even use as sources of inspiration.

My favorite animal of all time are birds, the thought of flight, floating along side the clouds felt so abstract and intriguing to me. Not only that but birds are so beautiful and adorable that once you achieve their trust, you will unlock an unbreakable bond you won’t be able to receive from any other animal. My current bird is a Painted Green Cheek Conure,  recently she had turned 8 years old, although she was shy, I have her to give me the same love I have given to her. And I hope many of you try to see the same within birds.


I do enjoy post-apocalyptic stories as the situation just captures me, but I adore thrillers and crime stories as well. Graphic novels of course give me inspiration.   Developing  and creating characters were what I believe is my strong suit. Though with my writing I do believe my grammar and organization for building a story. I do home that within this course I can see how exactly structured and well executed these stories are made so I may learn some tricks. 1989 by George Orwells and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury holding such memorable characters, the most human and realistic characters that not is always portrayed as the stereotypical “hero” and the choices they make are based on what they personally believe to be the right decisions whether it benefits themselves or others.
Last semester for my English Com II class, I had to use Openlab, though it was mostly used to see assignments or news from my professor. Though this is the first time I am ever using OpenLab to create a blog or even write messages.

I truly hope to learn more and make new companions, so I can learn and grow as a story teller. I greatly look foreword to the next few months together and try to get to know you all! 😀

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