English 2001 Intro to Literature

Hello everyone. My name is Terry Lei. It’s nice to meet you all in class. I am sure you have seen a lot of products with labels of Made In China, today I am going to introduce to you another product which was also manufactured in China, that is me! I was born in a city which located in the southern part of China and I moved to US in 2011.

Now I am working on a major of Electrical Engineering of Technology in Citytech, and this is my third year for studying in Citytech. I did not have a job which related to my major so far, but just working in the Japanese restaurant and teaching children about math and science in my free time.  I like to play with electronic devices such as smartphones, and computers. To be honest, I am the person who’s a little active, I like bicycling, skateboarding and climbing. Whenever I have time, I will choose to go out with my bicycle or skateboard instead of staying at home. I like the music from the rock band Maroon 5, One Direction and Linkin Park, especially Linkin Park, I’ve been listening to their music for 7 years, starting from the year of 2010, their music was always powerful and inspiring. Just like many of us in class, I like watching Anime. Currently I am watching One Piece. Also I like watching movies with a lot of action scenes and good graphic such as Furious 8 and Transformers. As my goal for now, I am planning to work in the big companies such as  Samsung and Huawei as an engineering technician.

This is my old bicycle which was used for 3 years already, I love riding bicycle and taking pictures around.

My weakness will definitely be the writing part, I am not doing good in writing at all, but I love to read books and do some critical thinking, of course I am not talking about the academic books but just some scientific novels. My favorite novel is the one called “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” written by a French Writer, Jules Verne. The reason I hate writing is that I always have lack of grammars and vocabulary to describe what I want to tell from my story or my own thinking since my English is still imperfect. I enjoy doing some kind of critical thinking whenever I read, because the ideas from the books I read is always creative and make me think deeper within my imaginations. I did use OpenLab for another English class which is English 1101, but not that much, it will still take me for a while to figure this thing out. Finally let me just express my opinion on fictions. I think fictions are some good works made by the writers which might based on their life experiences and included some kinds of deep thinking in life and  writing techniques, it will be really helpful for building up my skills on expression for my major by learning about these.

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