End of Days

The story of, “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury is a story of a post-apocalyptic environment in the city of Allendale, California in August 4, 2026. In this story there are no people, just a city in ruins with animals and abandoned materials. There is also the setting of where the story took place and it was within a “smart house”, ( a name i decided to give it because i do not know what else to call it). The smart house is extremely futuristic with function built robots that actively do things around the house in clockwork. At a specific time everyday the house sends these robots to do chores a normal person would regularly do. The house was so robotic yet the narrator put so much personification into this, “In the living room the voice clock sang, tick tock, seven o’clock. Time to get up. Time to get up, seven o’clock! As if it were afraid that nobody would.” (Bradbury, 1). I found this line very interesting and it was literally the first line of the story. I found this line interesting because it projected an image of a clock literally singing that it is seven o’clock and it is time to get up also the fact that it said it was like it was scared that nobody would get up which I learned eventually that nobody was even home to wake up.

The reason for the apocalypse to leave a city of ruins is later given to us as a read between the lines type of scenario, “At night the ruined city gave off a radioactive glow that could be seen for miles.” (Bradbury, 1). I feel like the city is in ruins because of pollution or just some other means of the environment finally collapsing, maybe the city even got nuked and the radioactivity remained. Clearly this is the inevitability we humans would have to face if we do not keep the environment clean and if we wage war among ourselves . The city of Allendale in this story left behind nothing but their technology, their perfect homes with nobody to live in it. The other reason i believe it was pollution or just the result of war that left this ruined city the way it did was when a dog was introduced in the story and had just randomly died. Do not get me wrong the dog was described as bony but it was still able to move around and chase its tail. “it ran wildly in circles, biting at its tail, spun in a frenzy, and died.” (Bradbury, 2). This was during the time when the house was making pancakes that filled the house with its odor. The way the dog died can only be explained due to the vicious reaction to the radioactivity of the city that had finally kicked in for the dog.

I think it is crazy how technology can evolve so much yet what worth is it when there is potential for nuclear warfare in a world where everyone is walking on egg shells. How can we enjoy our creations when despair lurks around the corner? At the end of the story a falling tree broke into the house and caused a fire when it landed on the stove which was on because it was that time of the evening to make dinner. Even with the fire procedures the house has built in, it could not put out the fire. Man created this perfect machine yet because of its own destruction it had basically ruined it’s own creation.

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