Doors to Imagination

Why Write:

Writing, is for me, a way to express myself. I can put down on paper what I would love to say out loud, but it may come off as an insult or something unbecoming. I use writing as a way to escape this world and travel to unreal places. Places that I can go to without judgement and  rejection. Where I can be a hero or make up one that looks like me and can be accepted by the character’s heroic acts. With writing, I can jot down all of my thoughts in tangled sentences without  worry about punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Writing is a way for me to express, and open myself in a vulnerable way to myself. I think writing helps you to know yourself better.With writing I can see my thoughts on paper. I can tell what kind of story teller I’am. If  I’am  writing for my own eyes, I can tap deep within myself and give my dark inner thoughts words that it can use for me to see just how dark I can be and to make peace with myself. Writing gives me that best friend that is way better than my best friend. If I have something to say I can always count on a pen or pencil and paper to jot down my immediate thoughts. Writing never has to be “called over” because writing is just my thoughts that I can put down on paper.


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Writing also helps me sort through ideas that I may have for a project. Sometimes writing helps me put my priorities in order. I really love to write, but mostly I love writing on my own terms more. I hate having to be force to write, especially if it is on a project for a class about a topic that is boring.

I believe that writing opens the door to imagination. For me, I like to think up different worlds or monsters in my head and write them down on paper. I love that freedom that writing gives to me. Writing will always be my mistress. I will always have love for it. Writing will always be a part of my life that I will hold dear.

So, to sum up why I write, I write because it is the only thing that is purely me. I love doing it and it keeps me in check with myself. It lets me look back on myself. Like when I was younger I kept a diary, now, I can look back and see my thoughts on things when I was younger and see how I think differently about them now. Writing is my friend, my enemy, my lover, and my life. Because of all these things is the reason why I write.

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