Does the Mean Justify the End

In the short story  “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” it describes the two halfs of advancements in technology. The story begins with a house which is made to take care of whoever is living in it. Waking them up, making breakfast and cleaning is all done by the house. This is an example of technology at the level everyone wants to be where humans do no work thanks to the “good” advancement of technology. But there is one catch to the house. There is no one living in the it why is that? Why abandon a house with such luxury.  Well later in the story we read about a dog entering the house wounded and covered in sores (page 2, para. 3) it wanders the house looking for some sense of life which it did not.

The dog dies later after finding food in the house and is burned thanks to the house self cleaning robots. This dogs shows us the other half the bad half and another bint given near the beginning of the story where the house read  “There Will Come Soft Rains” (page 3) which describes the world will be better off without humanity. Humanity must have faced technology weaponized (nuclear bombs) killing all living organisms it can touch with one hit and slowly killing the ones with the aftermath of radiation which could have caused the sores on the dog. Ray Bradbury warns us to be careful with the power we have due that it could be the same power to end it all.

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