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Oh, you’re still here? I guess that means you want to know more. Let’s begin now, shall we? My name is Kainat Ali and I am 22 years old. This is my first time using OpenLab but not blogging. This is my first semester at City Tech, I am currently a Liberal Arts major. Boring right? I plan on transferring to Brooklyn College though to continue my education and hopefully become a psychologist one day if my brain doesn’t end up frying in the process.

I enjoy traveling, I hope to visit as many countries as I can before my body gives up on me. I like experiencing new things and seeing new places. Getting out of my comfort zone can only benefit me. Just like how I have told you all on the first day of class that I fainted on a roller coaster before. I am so scared of heights but this summer I went zip-lining and it was awesome! Slowly but surely, I plan on getting over most if not all of my fears and achieving some goals I have for myself.

 I don’t get enough time to read anymore unfortunately but I do love reading. I can read any genre, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy it. I do challenge myself by reading different kinds of genres on different subjects. As for writing, I used to keep a diary. Typical girl stuff according to others but, it helped me keep my thoughts together. It used to keep me sane, not that I’m insane now. I would turn to my diary because I don’t feel comfortable turning to people anymore. 

My sense of literature/fiction is it’s a way to express yourself as well as educate others. Literature doesn’t always consist of made up stories, it can teach you a lesson or educate you on real world incidents. I feel like this course is going to get me back into reading. It doesn’t have much to do with my major, it’s just going to prepare me for the amount of reading I will have to do. I hope to learn as much as I can not only from this course but from my peers as well.

Looking forward to the rest of this semester !

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  1. Adrian

    Great title and hook in the introduction. When I was scrolling down, I noticed your title. I noticed that a lot of our classmates are in liberal arts and great job tackling your fears!


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