Class Notes Tuesday October 17th

Class Notes for Tuesday October 17th

Group Work

In relation to #3, 4, What is the significance of Arthur’s relationship’s backstops

In relation to #5, Discus the novels themes and its evolution as the novel goes on

Narrator – Third person omniscient

View  Points

First Person

3rd Person Omniscient

  • through “Dear V” letters
  • Jeevan’s  attempt to keep his sanity while leaving Toronto

View points are complicated in the novel so the Dear V letters and Jeevan’s thoughts are instances of the first person perspective in a third person narrative

Chapter 37

Raymonde – You don’t know what you’ve lost until it is gone


Check off both category and parts


1) People’s Choice for parts 4 ~ 6 due Wednesday

– Congratulations to Parts 2 ~ 3  winners

2) Optional Extra Credit

– Why I Write Due Sunday 10/22



One thought on “Class Notes Tuesday October 17th

  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks for these notes Jeffrey. Since most of class was devoted to group work based on a handout, it would be helpful to include the prompts everyone worked on.

    Also, as we discussed as a class, the narration/point of view is pretty complicated in this novel (and the “Dear V.” letters and Jeevan’s thoughts were instances of first-person point of view included in the 3rd person narrative). Can you revise these notes to add these points? Thanks.


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