Class Notes of 10/31/17

Homework for 11/2/17:

The Handmaids Tale Part 1 and 2, Blog due before 2:30pm Thursday

Groups for Peer Review:

1. Samuel, Sebastian, terry
2. Kahat, Penina, Calvin
3. Jordan, Chris, Blanca
4. Chris S., Adrian, Gem
5. Daniel, Taisha, Chris D
6. Kina, Jeffery, Stephen
7. Stevens, Heder, Imani

Peer Review:

  • Holistic/Global -> Local
    Intro/Thesis (framing)
    Topic Sentences

How do I review?

Does it make sense?

Is it developed in points?


Quotes are they introduced?

Are they explained?


What is the main idea of the paragraph? Does the topic sentence reflect this?
Look over your introduction and find a balanced intro.

Final Essay due: Before 2:30pm (electronic and hardcopy)

Who is the Main Character:


• Her life experiences
• Focus
• Story line is more dominate
• The blur on the back of the book
• Arthur seems to be more like Julius Cesar(Tragic Hero)
• Arthur is more like a literary device, a vessel

• His connections to the characters

Where do Kirsten and Arthur intersect?
Where do they overlap?
Both Kirsten and Arthur love theater

– passion and love for acting
– Attachment, father-figure with Arthur

Think about moments when characters overlap

What does it mean to be defined by something?

– People remember you by
– Internal significance, gives you meaning
(defined by something)

– Arthur
– Cataclysm
– Memories/motivation  kills
– Adventure
– nature

– Purpose in life (career)
– Hero’s journey

– Love experiences
– Relationships
– “I repent nothing”
– Art (creates alternate worlds)

Traveling Symphony:
– Motto

Station Eleven, has it landed on the progress of a Utopia?

Bring back fixed thoughts on Thursday


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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks Heder for these notes. Can you edit the title of the post to reflect the correct the date (10/31, not 11/31)? Also, while you’re editing, it might be helpful to put the notes for peer review (currently at the end of your post) towards the beginning, where you discuss the peer review section of class.


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