Class Notes for Thursday, 8/31

Hello Class,

Here are the notes I took on todays class, as well as some reminders for next Tuesday’s class. I didn’t quite get everything but this is most of what was discussed!

What kinds of things do we annotate while we read?

  • Vocabulary words unfamiliar to us
  • Key lines in the story (Similes, Metaphors, language/dialogue
  • Parts of the story that stand out or can be important or pertinent to the message
  • Characters, protagonist/antagonist, plot
  • Foreshadowing
  • Mood/Setting

Objective: Factual, unbiased information

Subjective: Biased preferences or personal opinion

Why do we reread stories?

  • To go over important info that may have been missed by the reader
  • To get a better sense of what the text is saying/the message

Characterization:  Learning about characters and their traits.

Denotation: A dictionary’s definition of something

Connotation: Your idea or feeling of what something means


Bring in printed copies of “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid, “Puertoricanness” by Aurora Levins Morales, and

Blog a response to EITHER ‘Girl” or “Puertoricanness”, by Monday at 11:59pm!

See you guys next Tuesday!

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