Class Notes for 11/2

Freewrite: Reflect on Essay 1 peer review, drafting, revisions, next steps

  • Homework for Next Week: Handmaid’s Tale, III – VIII and blog (Due: Monday 11/6)
  • People’s choice (I and II) by Sunday 11/5

*Next week giving out writing tips (ex: voice, tone, point of view)*


Essay #1

*Introduction most important paragraph*

  • Before turning in the final paper, copy & paste introduction and topic sentences on a new word document -> read it to see if it makes sense.
  • Thesis Statement  ≠ Thesis Paragraph

->leading up to the argument and 3rd person essay. Informal conversation and tone becomes chatty

Analogy: Buy a pizza but get Chinese food delivered instead.

Example Changing from first person to third person:  I think this character did this… VS. This character did this…

Daniel: Introduction is a self contained paragraph.


The Handmaid’s Tale: A lot of unanswered questions.

  • Women are treated unequally
  • Upperclass
  • Confused
  • Difficult

*You can watch the Handmaid’s Tale hulu series but do not blog about it*

Book published: 1986

Characters: Offred is a handmaid (narrator) -> first person point of view

Setting: Gilead

Hierarchy: Castes identity restriction movement and being treated like objects

Colors Associated With Role of Character

Offred/handmaid – red

Martha/maid – green

Commander – black

Wife – Blue





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