Class Notes For 10/24


  • People’s choices due tomorrow, 10/25 before 12:00 am.
  • Professor Harris joins us this Thursday, 10/26 as we finish up the final parts of ‘Station Eleven’
  • Blog #1 on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ parts I-IV is due on Thursday, 11/1 
  • We begin Reading ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in class on 11/2

Essay #1: Due 11/14.

  • ASSIGNMENT: ARGUMENTATIVE THESIS DRIVEN ESSAY (No Research, straight from ‘Station Eleven’ only)
  • Along with Essay#1, a cover letter about our writing processes (1 Page, double-spaced) is required
  • Grades are not solely based on the final product, but also the final process 
  • MLA Format
  • 5-6 Pages
  • Issues Blogging?
  • Issues with Assignment? *Our homework for tonight*
  • Next week Tuesday, 10/31 Draft #1 is due (Bring 4 Printed copies) 
  • Allowed to use parts from our previous blog’s on ‘Station Eleven’ as an addition to our Essay’s
  • Do not summarize, analyze!
  • You are recommended to see the professor to review your essay draft
  • Essay #1 & Essay #2 are each 20% of your grade

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