class notes 9/28/2017



Terms used to describe the child in the basement:

“feeble-minded”(4)     “defective”(4)    fearful   “it”(showing that it is sub-human)(4)  “imbecile”(4)  “miserable”

“hunched”  neglected  “lost track of time”(4)  “looks about 6 but is actually 10″(4)


The terms show that the child was stunted physically, mentally,  and emotionally

the child was not always treated like this and pleads “I will be good”(5)

the people do not respond to the pleas and don’t say good words to the child

society knows about the child and show the child to other children when they are the same age

after seeing the child the people of omelas feel disgusted, feel contempt, feel that they can not do anything , for the younger citizens they may feel that the child could be them, all ending with the majority of them becoming complicit after mulling over the problem.

child is seen as the darkness of the city as it can not have light without darkness

they do not let the child out as it would “destroy omelas”- massive utilitarian bargain –  possibly out of the guilt the citizens will feel for putting it in it’s situation

where do those that walk away walk to?

-commit suicide (the great unknown)

-intentionally into  the unknown to get away from the great injustice


Vapid- shallow

speculative- What If?

extrapolation- what if?/ taking something to it’s logical conclusion


There Will Come Soft Rains Group Notes will be collected Tuesday 10/3

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