Class Notes 9/14

Hello, Fellow classmates this is the notes for today. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, add more to if i missed anything.  Sorry this is so late I got home from work at 12 AM. Please forgive me

Today we continued to discuss the story The Yellow Wallpaper. We worked in groups. There were groups of 5.

We talked about the

Settings: When and Where the story takes place. As a whole

Reliability: The Narrator’s tone and voice. Is the narrator reliable

Queer: As how it mean in the story: Strange, Odd, Unnatural.

The writing of the story.

We were working on textual evidence and citation.

I would like to start with Citations first

Why do we cite? 

We cite because we do not want to plagiarize. It is important when  you use sources for your work to cite it. If you cite your work, someone who is reading your text can go back to check the source if they chose to and find the content that you have cited. Citing a work shows that you have support for your work.

MLA= Is a type of citation. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. it is the governing professional body that deals with English.

How to Cite

with In-text-cite we start with the “quotes” and the use the () with the Author’s name and page number inside the brackets. (Gilman, 4). And period at the end of it. Example, “Thomas went to the store” (Gilman, 4).

We are expected to use citation For Monday’s blog and forward on. 

For whole works cited You will cite it at the end. We will learn more about that later on in the class.

When to cite

  1. When You are using quotations. When using quotations you have to use the full quote so you won’t plagiarize your work.
  2. When you are summarizing (using the gist of the text)
  3. When you are Paraphrasing (When you take sentence by sentence)

Using Qoutes

Well when writing blogs you have to start off with a Topic/ claim. Please do not start with quotes.

Claim Key requirement

Make it Debatable,  Base on something, Has to introduce, Detail, and significance. Don’t just say it has an affect, but talk about what is the affect.

If you need to make a point about some change that occurred in the story, talk about how it was before the change.

When you do use quotes, you can’t just throw them in your blog. You will have to introduce the quote. Set it up.

When you do give the quote, add on to it. Analyze it. Do Not Repeat it. Talk about  how you understand the quote and how it relates to you.

Great Jobs! 

GREAT JOB: Everybody on quoting, but now we need to Cite!

GREAT JOB: Of bringing in the text and annotating it!


Crowd Source:  When sources comes from everyone.

Fancy: Excitable. Given over to imagination. Fantasy

Homework: read and blog the story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Monday 9/18 before 11:59 pm. Use the MLA Citation in your blogs  and number the pages of the story that you print out to bring to class.

Also: Copy the excerpt of the student’s blog that you’ve like  what the Student said about the Yellow Wallpaper and put it under the category: Class discussion The Yellow Wallpaper. Or click on Class Discussion #1: Favorite Excerpts from Student Blog Posts on “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Extra Credit

For, extra credit, go to the Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday. You can go to any of the talks that you want to. Blog about it and put it under the Category Extra Credit. Those who missed a blog, This extra credit can help! 🙂

NO CLASS NEXT WEEK THURSDAY! but Next week Tuesday class is a THURSDAY!

Tuesday we will continue with the Yellow Wallpaper 🙂

Please, if I missed anything Please fill free to add



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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks Kina for posting these notes! Remember that you should try to capture the discussion of the reading, our analysis, the excerpts we explored. I know this is hard to keep track of sometimes, but it is really important. If you have these notes handy from the last class, feel free to revise this post to include those details. If not, maybe someone else can help out?


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