Class notes 11/16/17


*During the break next week, create a running list of moments where the narrator talks about changing her narrative or call attention to the fact that she’s telling a story.

*If you are interested in a Literature course for spring 2018, please contact Professor Belli, she has information on which courses are available and perhaps she can help you choose a course or even give you some information on which Professor would best fit your needs and requirements.

*Congratulations to Kina, she was chosen as the winner of this week’s “People’s Choice Post”

*There is no class next week and we don’t have anything due during that time. The next time we will meet is on Tuesday the 28th of November. Use this time to either finish the book, review some of the information to refresh your memory, or catch up if you’re behind. Do not skip the historical notes in the book.

*Reading Response #12: The Handmaid’s Tale, Parts XI-XV & Historical Notes (due M 11/27)

*Keep in mind, Essay #2 is due on Tuesday the 12th of December, it would be wise to start working on that right away. Further instructions about the Essay will be given when we come back after the break.

*Make it a habit to check the syllabus and schedule daily, add any information and important dates on your calendar or notes whichever one you consult regularly.


Class discussion

The three primary relationships of Offred.

*Luke, her husband, whom she often experience flashbacks about, flashbacks which involves sexual interactions or intimacy one way or another.

*Nick, a chauffeur, more specifically one of the guardians. Towards the end of the novel she may or may not get more involved with him.

*The commander, head of the household, active participant in her ceremonies, and a potential ticket out for Offred, given their recent interest towards each other.


The women Offred has a relationship with.

*Ofglen, Moira, Rita, Cora, Janine, Aunt Lydia, Serena Joy, her daughter, her mother, the previous Handmaid.


What does the narrator mean when talking about reconstruction?

* “This is a reconstruction. All of it is a reconstruction” (134 1).

* Important paragraph for answering that question (134 3).

* “That is a construction too” (140 4). “That” ( Demonstrative pronoun ).


Keep in mind that the story is being told by Offred, therefore the reader only knows her side of the story.

Is Offred striving for accuracy?

*Before answering that question, know that victims of painful or horrific events often repress those memories, it’s one of the defense mechanism of the brain.

*During the retelling of stories, they are often broken down only to be reconstructed with either an additional or missing piece. Meaning that when a story is being retold, the narrator may intentionally or unintentionally include or exclude an event or two. Not even counting the times when the narrator might have forgotten all about the events.


Free writing period in class

Take 5min to write about each of the following character regarding their relationships with Offred, while giving a quote depicting a specific moment or scene you deemed to be a good example of what their relationships is like.

*Luke, Nick, and the commander.

*Take four more minutes to write about the storytelling in the novel. Especially towards the end of the book.



*Mediated: A:acting through an intervening agency  B: exhibiting indirect causation, connection, or relation.

*Reconstructed: building up or forming (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.


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