Class notes 10/3/2017

HW for Thu 10/5: Station Eleven Part 1 + blog post (wed 10/4)

Group Discussion “There Will be Soft Rain”

Question 6 from sheet:

  • House is altar is metaphor,
  • the way the quote is sounded in religiousness way,
  • the ritual of the religion continued senseless endlessly it refer how the machine doing chores is like ritual that the machine of the house continue doing endlessly because program to do it, and the endlessly is referred as it continue but the owner already died

To describe “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)”  in one sentence: A highly advance technological house taking care of the house chores  while not knowing the family or owner is long decreased.

Information about “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)” 


  1. house(domestic)
  2. destroyed city(radio active glow, in rubbers)


  1. House’s task
  2. fire/tree destroying the house


  1. Natural v.s. Technology


  1. Dog
  2. Dead people
  3. House(robot)

Figure languages 

  1. Foreshadowing

Word Describe the House in the Story: Hollow, Lonely, Abandon, Empty Shell, Hurry, Death, Aliened.

“August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)” In-dept look 

  • Personification of the Clock in the story  Clock dictating the house to give orders for certain task. “if it were afraid that nobody would” and “repeating it sounds into the emptiness”(First Paragraph)
  • The amount of food represent how many people was living in the house.(Second Paragraph)
  •  Date “August 4, 2026, Location: Allendale, California (Third Paragraph)
  • The Five Spots were the people before they disintegrate from a bomb explosion

Idea and thoughts that were bought up in discussion 

  • Automation: Technology replacing people
  • Media: adaption, technological determination, science fiction, apocalypse
  • Early 20th century events: World War 1, World War 2, Cold War
  • Smart House, Internet of things
  • Connection maybe technology take us over or over reliance of technology
  • When did you ask yourself the question “Where are the people?” in  “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)” ?
  • Nuclear shadow
  • indirectly nuclear blast in “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)”

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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks for these notes Samuel. Can you also please categorize them as “There Will Come Soft Rains” (since we discussed that short story on Tuesday)?

    It might be helpful to go through and proofread/clean up the notes a bit again, for clarity. Thanks!


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