Class Notes : 10/26

Congratulations to Chris Hamilton and Nickolas for winning this weeks People’s Choice. Congratulations to Samuel for being this weeks featured post.

What is the Museum of Civilization ?

  • A place where the past was being preserved
  • After the Georgia Flu, things that were of any value to the people was placed in this place
  • A collection of items for the young that did not remember anything or knew nothing of how things were before the flu
  • Nostalgic reminders for the one’s that did remember

Free Write

What one item would you put in Clark’s “Museum of Civilization” and why?

  • Books : To serve as a means of forgetting reality for a few
  • A Powerful PC : (e.g Sims 4) Allow people to understand how things once were
  • Boarding Pass : Teach the people that there are other ways to get around the world and to preserve transportation.
  • Scrapbook : Holds memories. A visual representation of how things once were. “We Used to exist”
  • Naruto : To preserve creativity.

Clark’s museums valuables are looked upon as “useless”

“A Limitless number of objects in the world that had no practical use but that people wanted to preserve.” (258)

Does an object need to have an actual purpose to hold value?

Worksheet question #2

  • Apocalypse Cult / “Spiritual Cult”
  • Tyler’s mother (Elizabeth) ; She did not pay attention to his “unwinding insanity”
  • Clash of ideology ; the influence of Elizabeth and Miranda

Miranda influenced Tyler through Station Eleven the comic

Elizabeth influenced Tyler through her religious beliefs

“Everything happens for a reason” (261)

  • Station Eleven & The New Testament

Because of “divine right” I will lead you into this new world

Having followers

Light ; being portrayed as good

Both had a good and bad influence

The New Testament is open to interpretation

Source Text – is a text (sometimes oral) from which information or ideas are derived.



10/31 Essay #1 Pre-Draft

Post your pre-drafts to the blog before class (categorize as Essay 1, Pre-Draft)

Bring four printed copies to class

Pre-Draft should include:

Working essay title

Thesis paragraph (introduction)

Two full body paragraphs (complete with topic sentences, textual evidence/citations and analysis)

Reflection about where you in the process, what you have done, what you still are working on, what you are struggling with, what you think you have done well and so on

Finish the worksheet you got today – will continue to go through it next class

And bring candy 🙂 [Happy Halloween]

11/2 Reading response to The Handmaid’s Tale Parts I-II

Due on Thursday not Wednesday by 2:30 pm

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