Class notes 10/19

Important dates


Homework: Finish parts 7-9 by Monday night


Narrative Structure:

Point of view containing of 1st and omniscient 3rd  P.O.V

-Omniscient 3rd  P.O.V: Observing the narrator is able to know the character’s past as well as their thoughts, helping the reader understand the character(s) even more.


Toronto. BUT there are different variations of Toronto. Such as Toronto of the past, before the Georgia Flu and Toronto after the Flu. As well as more specifically in Toronto before the Flu, Elgin Theater.

Characters before the Flu in this setting:

Jeevan- A Central character in the beginning. Readers see the first few seconds of the pandemic through his eyes.

Kirsten- as a child, around 8-years-old. She witnessed Arthur’s death which traumatized her and keeps reminding her of the day of the outbreak.

Toronto in the past- way back when Jeevan was a paparazzi; he interviewed Arthur.

-Then moves to the post-flu Toronto

Chapter 34 pg 186 58th day Jeevan is with his brother Frank (who is paralyzed from the waist down) until Frank “goes away”.

-Jeevan then meets up with travelers by a river to join them until Part 5 pg 194 when Jeevan tries not to go crazy as he continues on his own.


Jeevan in other settings

-Before the Georgia Flu

  1. Whe he was a Paparazzi, he takes a picture of Miranda before her divorce w/ Arthur
  2. His interview w/ Arthur 7 years ago (before Arthur leaves Elizabeth for Colton)
  3. Elgen theater (moments before flu)
  4. With Frank (after flu)
  5. Now walking alone (after flu)

Conflicts within characters:

  1. Human v. Nature (Humanity v. Flu)
  2. Human v. Human (prophet/cult v. The Symphony)
  3. purposeless/signifigance of living (human v. self in pg 163)
  4. People wanting to go against the profit
  5. loss; trying to remember (Kirsten’s struggle mostly)
  6. Arthur’s personal relationship w/ others.

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