Christian’s Introduction

Hello class, my name is Christian Soto. This makes my third year studying as a CUNY student. My major is currently Computer Engineering Technology though i have many others interests such as Game Design and Film Editing, just to name a few. I got interested in Computer Engineering Technology because technology is the future. Working with technology in general has always been something that has fascinated me. Though i do not have full knowledge of computers and how they work i expect to have learned a lot after completing my Bachelor’s.

School interests aside i also have many other hobbies. For starters I love music, it could be any type of music as long as it sounds good to me. I am a big heavy metal/Old school rock type of guy I can always just turn that on in the car and enjoy the ride a lot better. Without it i think i would lose my brain thanks to NYC traffic. When i am home i really enjoy playing video games though i have this certain passion for fighting games as a whole especially when i see tournaments for fighting games. It just amazes me how crazy it can get at times and I can only imagine how anxious one must feel playing in front a large crowd either cheering for you or boo’ing you. I also enjoy binge watching shows, mainly anime since i appreciate the Japanese culture but most recently i have been re-watching “Breaking Bad”.

I grew up in Williamsburgh Brooklyn for most of my life, though i have lived in other states and even another country. From the time I was 6 years old going to 7 i lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for about a year. My mother didn’t like living there though so we moved back to the States down in Florida with my grandmother for about half a year before deciding to move back to Brooklyn. Now i live in the Bronx so i guess i have always been moving here and there and i don’t plan on staying in the Bronx much long either. I plan to move out of New York City once I get my degree, mainly because i am not much of a city person i do enjoy quiet neighborhoods and pretty much just privacy.

I chose this course because out of the other elective courses this one was what i was looking forward to most so hopefully we can make this an enjoyable semester as a class.

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