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A Fitting End for King Arthur

Reading through the first page was a bit dull for me and I’m the type of person who likes hooks. I was falling asleep and the word choice was weird for me. It’s like I was reading Shakespeare all over again and had to somehow make sense of what Emily ST. John Mandel was trying to portray to us. As I continue reading, I noticed that Arthur, a actor, has just died while in the middle of a theater full of people. I was shocked that one of our characters dies so soon and I’m only on the fourth page. We don’t know much about Arthur other than the rumors spreading around him and it makes him sound like he’s a sleazeball.

The narrator is in third person and for me I think that the main protagonist is Jeevan. He was unsuccessful resuscitating Arthur, has relationship issues with Lauren and he now has a drive to be a paramedic.  Given the circumstances, being a paramedic would be a  nice option but, while an epidemic is going on – I wouldn’t even consider going outside. I like Hua as a character. He works at a hospital and warns his good friend Jeevan to stock up. Some textual support would be “He thought of Hua as his closest friend, though they rarely saw one another” (Mandel, 17). Judging from his coughing and where he is right now, I am pretty sure that Hua will be our upcoming victim of Georgia flu and that he went out of his way to warn his friend, Jeevan. This reminded me of a popular TV series called The Walking Dead. The end of the world is happening and humans turning into zombies is sort of similar to what’s going on; everyone is dying whoever comes into contact with the person carrying the disease.

When Hua was talking about how the outburst broke out in the airplane; where a passenger carried aboard the Georgia disease, it reminded me of another zombie movie. The movie is called Train to Busan and literally one person who was infected gets almost everyone killed. The passenger, who was infected couldn’t reply to the train attendant, died to the infection and started killing a majority of the people on the train.

Jeevan wants what is best for Lauren and wants her to stay clear of the Georgia flu that’s going around. Lauren seems to be ignorant and unaware of those around her. “You’re not even listening. You never listen to me…” (Mandel, 24). Lauren ditched Jeevan at the theater and he was so worried about her. His world comes crashing down when he finds out that she left him at the theater because she was feeling “ill.” Jeevan alone had to help the dying Arthur and his dreams becoming a paramedic comes crashing down.Hopefully she doesn’t get a bad ending where she dies but, as a character she seems pretty unreasonable and that’s how people die on zombie movies. This book intrigued me and hope to find out more about the outbreak/epidemic that is going on.

The outbreak

The part one of the book “Station Eleven” written by Emily St. John Mandel started the story by an accident happened in the Elgin theater, then lead to the appear of all characters from the story, even though they were not eye-catching in the beginning. The story began with a scene of King Lear by William Shakespeare, and the main character of this show is called Arthur Leander. To be honest, it was a little boring in the beginning, it was nothing else but just the scenes from the works written by William Shakespeare, at the moment I felt like to skip couple paragraphs and continue reading after, but a change was rising in the story which an accident happened which caught my curiosity continue reading it .

Arthur Leander, the actor in the show started to act weird and couldn’t tell the scripts normally. However no one realized that except a man called Jeevan who was sitting in the audience seat. He tried to go up to the stage and help the actor, but the security thought he was a deranged fan of Arthur and stopped him from going to the stage.  Finally Jeevan was not stopped by the security and his girlfriend, Laura and quickly went up to the stage and try to save Arthur with the other people who was a cardiologist named Walter Jacobi, unfortunately they did not save Arthur successfully at the end.

The author, Mandel used a simile on Arthur behavior when he was acting unusual, “and seemed frozen in place, his mouth opening and closing like a fish” (Mandel, Page 4) This greatly described how serious the condition of Arthur was, and here to declare his death and open a line for the story.

After the failure of saving Arthur, Jeevan felt a little guilty and planned to leave the theater, however, he just found Laura left without telling him, after he met a little girl named Kirsten Raymonde which was around seven to eight who actually witnessed the death of Arthur and returned her to the wrangler, Tanya. He tried to call Laura and finally knew the reason about her leaving, he felt unhappy about what she had done and what she asked him to do after. He felt like they were not that close to each other. The author even gave some detail environmental descriptions on streets, “The night was dark and filled with movement, snow falling fast and silent, the cars parked on the street swelling into soft outlines of themselves” (Mandel, Page 12.) Mandel used the environment to reflect how exactly Jeevan felt in his heart at the moment.

The death of Arthur quickly connected to other characters such as Miranda who lived in Malaysia now, but this is not the thing yet. Jeevan’s friend, Hua gave him a call suddenly  and first told him about the serious epidemic, Gregorio’s Flu. According to what Hua said, the condition was getting worse in the hospital since there was more and more victims. By the advice from Hua, Jeevan quickly went to the local store and started to buy and store food for this disaster. After the third call from Hua which signaled the end of his life, Jeevan contacted Laura, but Laura did not take it serious or she did not believe in him. Jeevan got his food and arrived to meet his brother, Frank. Everything came to a worst situation and part one of story ended here with putting  an incomplete list at the end.

This story reminded me about the Resident Evil or the movie, Outbreak. All these began the outbreak of a type of serious epidemic which may signify  the end of the world and lead people in the world going crazy on it, they began to think back about their old life, and scared of the new days under the end of the world, it is a story about survival, but just surviving is not enough.

A snapshot of the world before it ends

Part 1 of Station Eleven provides an introductory backdrop to the story, set in modern day Toronto. Author Emily St. John Mandel describes the world as it were before the cataclysmic event happens. The author also introduces and fleshes out the main protagonist of the story, Jeevan Chaudhary, and establishes his relationships with his friends and family namely his girlfriend Laura, his close friend named Hua, and his brother Frank.

Part 1 of Station Eleven begins with Jeevan and his girlfriend Laura watching a theater performance of Shakespeare’s King Lear in the Elgin Theatre of Toronto (Mandel, 3). The actor playing King Lear, Arthur Leander, faints in the middle of his performance on stage (Mandel, 3), and Jeevan, who was training to be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), jumps onto the stage to try and help resuscitate the actor (Mandel, 4). I believe this establishes Jeevan’s competency in medical care, as well as his strong sense of duty in helping others. However, Jeevan and another doctor on the scene fails to revive the actor, and Arthur Leander is declared dead by the ambulance crew. There is a part that I found particularly interesting, where Jeevan converses with a child actor, Kirsten Raymonde, who had witnessed Arthur’s collapse and subsequent death (Mandel, 6). I thought it was very strange how Jeevan had interacted with the girl, trying to comfort her while she was watching another man die in front of her (Mandel, 7). I think this establishes Jeevan’s awkwardness interacting with children as well as his unfamiliarity with consoling distressed people. It also establishes Jeevan’s pessimistic personality, as he had no confidence in Arthur’s survival (“He’s going to die, isn’t he?” [Kirsten] was breathing in little sobs. “I don’t know.” [Jeevan] wanted to say something assuring, but he had to concede that it didn’t look good (Mandel, 7)), and being doubtful that he would find Kirsten’s guardian ( “Come on,” he said, “let’s find Tanya. She’s probably looking for you.” This seemed doubtful. If Tanya were looking for her charge, surely she would have found her by now (Mandel, 7)). Jeevan would later learn that his girlfriend Laura had abandoned him at the theater and went home by herself: “she’d left him onstage performing CPR on a dead actor and gone home, and now she wanted him to buy milk” (Mandel, 12). This is very revealing, as it introduces Jeevan and Laura’s complicated love life.

Jeevan would later receive a series of phone calls from his close friend Hua, who is a doctor working at a hospital (Mandel, 17). Jeevan would learn of an epidemic of an out-of-control deadly illness that is called “Georgian Flu” (Mandel, 17), which originates in the Eastern European country of Georgia. Hua is in a panic, and describes to Jeevan how quickly the Georgian Flu has spread, and how it is killing many patients under his care (Mandel, 18-19). Jeevan is revealed to have paranoid tendencies, and believes in his friend Hua. Jeevan calls his girlfriend Laura and tries to warn her of the epidemic but Laura is flippant and ignoring Jeevan’s sense of urgency (Mandel, 23-25). I think this further cements Jeevan’s strained relationship with Laura, proving that they may be estranged and/or do not like each other very much. The last chapter of Part 1 details what the people of the world would no longer have or enjoy, after the cataclysmic event of what I assume is a worldwide Georgian Flu pandemic.


Part 1

The story station eleven by emily st john mandel, takes place in many setttings, a theater, on the streets of the city, in Allan Gardens and the end of civilization. We are introduced to the main character Jeevan Chaudhary, a person that seems to be a journalist. The author uses third person point of view to tell the story of a soon to be empty civilization. He reacted implusively and after he wasn’t able to save the actor Arthur Leander, even with the help of a cardiologist he was pronouced dead on the stage in the middle of Act four. It took this actor to fall ironicly in a play which death is probably the main focus, but the actions of both the cardiologist and Mr. Chaudhary seem to be part of the play and it honestly I had to read it at least three times before i got it.

The only other person that was able to understand was a young girl and started to break down. The little girl named Kristen Raymonde mentions something that would leave such a lasting impression on a little girl, besides the death of Arthur Leander she has a desire regardless of what is going on around her, “It’s the thing I love most in the world too,” Kristen said, after some time had passed.”,(Mandel, p8, last paragraph), ” “Acting” she said, ” (Mandel, p9, first paragraph). This expresses how the impression of the death of the main lead character of the play really played an impacton her life. I say this because the summary in the back of the book Kristen Raymonde says, “She will never forget the night Arthur Leander, the famous hollywood actor, had a heart attack onstage during a production of King Lear.” Showing us in the story how exactly it changed her life.

Death is in the air.

The novel of Station Eleven starts off with a tragedy which is the death of Arthur Leander, an actor playing King Lear. The first chapter begins with his sudden death while performing the play King Lear. The story is being told in the 3rd person point of view with a sort of omnipresent view throughout the beginning. The protagonist Jeevan is seen here trying to save his life when Arthur has a heart attack on stage, he rushed to the stage to try to save Arthur’s life to no avail, which caused him to have a self reflection. He is seen leaving the theater and walking by himself in the park contemplating the events that had taken place. He was reacting internally to what exactly had taken place and how this now will affect him for the rest of his life. He was studying to be a paramedic, and seeing Arthur dying this way, not being able to save him, and knowing now he was able to do good in this world could have been the best thing that could have happened to Jeevan that night.

There are many sentences in the first 3 chapters that foreshadow what is about to happen in the near future. When in chapter 2 the narrator makes us aware that the crew which was working on the play with Arthur suffer the same fate as his, we are now aware that a big tragedy is about to occur. Nothing is certain yet but is can be said that the author wants us to be aware that danger for the characters is about to occur.  The story jumps between the thoughts of the protagonist and the rest of the crew from the play making us aware of a broader spectrum of plots and themes going on. There is the first conflict which was the internal conflict of the character of whether his life was going in the right direction. The other conflict can be seen between the crew of the play, and it has to do with what they are going to do with Arthur now that he is death. Most of them did not know him on a personal level to know what exactly he wished be done if ever he were to pass away. They can be seen thinking of who exactly they should call first and what the right thing to do now. They agree they have to call his lawyer, since his ex wife and son are overseas, and he did not have any known next of kin in the area. Already conflicts are starting to arise and slowly these will come and find resolutions and we will be able to know more in detail of what exactly is going on, whether Arthur’s death was an isolated case of health or something everyone should be worried about in the upcoming days. Many questions are still left unanswered but I am sure once they are reveled, everything will start to make more sense throughout.

Remembering Corrupted Blood Incident


In the begin of the book “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel, the story start off about a famous actor named “Arthur Leander” playing as King Lear, the star main actor in play King Lear. During the play, Arthur Leander had a heart attack which no one knew because everyone thought it was an act for the play, but “Jevvan Chaudhary” another character in story caught wind of the situation tries to help the actor having a heart attack. Ultimately, it was too late for Arthur Leander, which lead to his death on stage while playing role he always wanted. The story continues following “Jevvan Chaudhary” and others character that had minor interaction with one another or people that know each other.
In the story, there was epidemic with the Georgia Flu, so the title “Remembering Corrupted Blood Incident” it referred to game incident in “World of Warcraft” where an online game bug turn into a perfect example of what the human population would do if the world had epidemic. What caused this incident was players discovering that a game ability known as corrupted blood from a game boss named Hakkar the Soulflayer’s debuff can be bought outside the raid with use of players’ pets. A “debuff” is gamer term for something you don’t want on you because it opposite of benefit. The corrupted blood debuff spread in manner if you’re next to another player with the debuff you get infected and you will die few seconds later or if you manage get rid of it. Thus, it started with players and NPCs (non-player characters) dying out of nowhere because players bring back their pets with this debuff into major cities where many players’ lounge all day, and people bought those pets did with intention.
When looking at the epidemic part of story for “Station Eleven” I felt like if I was to take the role of Jevvan Chaudhary in the story I would be taking Hua’s words “you have to get out of the city (pg. 19)” because that smart thing to do. During the Corrupted Blood Incident, most players were either relocated to Westfall or Duskwood to avoid the corrupted blood, where barely any players go to for reasons not worth mentioning. Now going back to story with Hua, I think leaving city is a smart move because where there is bare any people is safe because your chance of getting Georgia Flu is reduced. That is what players did during that incident because going to Duskwood or Westfall meant you be safe because those areas were like countryside in the game. Going back to characters in bar drinking in honor of Arthur Leander “Of all of them there at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest. He died three weeks later on the road out of the city.” The bartender must have caught the Georgia Flu and died before leaving the city and dying. This what is ideal thing to do when epidemic occurs escape to outskirt of the city, and maybe bring one person you can trust. This show that corrupted blood incident was good example of what population would do if epidemic would occur even most this story take example from that study because bartender try escape the city and Hua’s warning “you have to get out of the city” was the right action to take.

Link about Corrupted Blood Incident


The performance

I honestly had to re-read this over and over because I continued to lose focus. The story opens up inside of a Shakespeare theatre where a man named Arthur Leander is playing the lead role in a play. I was kind of surprised at how quickly death appeared, but then again it is Shakespeare. While on stage there appears to be a commotion and suddenly Arthur became ill and eventually collapses to the ground. “I remember thine eyes well enough,” Arthur said, distracted by the child version of Cordelia, and this was when it happened. There was a change in his face, he stumbled, he reached for a column but misjudged the distance and struck it hard with the side of his hand.“Down from the waist they are Centaurs,” he said, and not only was this the wrong line but the delivery was wheezy, his voice barely audible. He cradled his hand to his chest like a broken bird.” (Page 1) This shows that Arthur was having a heart attack and had no time to cry for help, unfortunately, he passed away.
On the same page, I caught on to the that characters rely on others in order to survive. For example, “The man’s girlfriend tugged at his sleeve, hissed, “Jeevan! What are you doing?” And Jeevan himself wasn’t sure at first, the rows behind him murmuring for him to sit. An usher was moving toward him. Snow began to fall over the stage.

“The wren goes to’t,” Arthur whispered, and Jeevan, who knew the play very well, realized that the actor had skipped back twelve lines. “The wren …”

“Sir,” the usher said, “would you please …”

But Arthur Leander was running out of time. He swayed, his eyes unfocused, and it was obvious to Jeevan that he wasn’t Lear anymore. Jeevan pushed the usher aside and made a dash for the steps leading up to the stage, but a second usher was jogging down the aisle, which forced Jeevan to throw himself at the stage without the benefit of stairs. It was higher than he’d thought and he had to kick the first usher, who’d grasped hold of his sleeve. The snow was plastic, Jeevan noted peripherally, little bits of translucent plastic, clinging to his jacket and brushing against his skin. Edgar and Gloucester were distracted by the commotion, neither of them looking at Arthur, who was leaning on a plywood column, staring vacantly. There were shouts from backstage, two shadows approaching quickly, but Jeevan had reached Arthur by now and he caught the actor as he lost consciousness, eased him gently to the floor. The snow was falling fast around them, shimmering in the blue-white light. Arthur wasn’t breathing”(Page 1) This almost seemed like a performance, in my opinion, it’s ironic how all of this is occurring in the middle of a show. Jeevan’s effort to save Arthur’s life impacted not only the people on stage but also the crowd and himself since he was not able to bring him back. Then, Jeevan began to comfort Kristen and tries to distract her from the death of Arthur.

Drowning in death- foreshadowing in the first paragraph

In the first paragraph of Station Eleven two stories are referenced, King Lear  and the Greek story of Leander,  while seemingly unimportant especially as Leander is just a dead guys last name in the story it foreshadows the end of civilization in the sixth chapter.  King Lear is an obvious foreshadowing due to the fact that most of the characters die in the ending and after the major actors talk about what to do about Arthur Leander’s death it states that everyone in the bar that they were drinking at died in the three weeks fallowing the chapters end(Mandel 15).  To make a metaphor the entire sixth chapter was pretty much hauling the wagon of dead corpses that used to be society into the open air, exactly like the ending of King Lear.  The Leander connection is drawn incredibly well in the third chapter where Jevan’s medical friend Hua tells Jevan about the Georgia Flu.  When the flu is discussed in the chapter it feels like a flood where in the beginning it’s just a girl, and then it’s 13 infected, and then there’s over two hundred and it was spreading.  Just before Hua hung up he coughed signaling he might also be infected.  By the time the sixth chapter rolled around it seemed as if society had drowned in the flood like how Leander died in Greek myth.  While I will admit that I did not see the end of civilization by deadly virus in the first paragraph, my first thoughts while reading the text did go along the lines of guy who is named after a Greek character that drowned is acting in a play that ends in most of the characters dying.

A New World

In the theater it all began, King Lear a play about tragedy and death. Arthur Lender the lead actor suffers a heart attack and in the audience Jeevan, a man who is training to be a paramedic rushes the stage attempts CPR but it’s too late. Interestingly the author’s addition of the paparazzi is her possibly showing the obsession that people have with celebrities and media. Also when it comes to informing his family of the passing instead of calling his family they call his lawyer and have drink toasting Arthurs career. I believe this shows even though his famous he never lived a fulfilled life as he wasn’t close to his family.

At the end of chapter two we learn that something happens to all people in the bar and the bartender lives the longest three weeks (CHP 2 Pg15). Soon after Jeevan, while walking and thinking about the events gets a call from his doctor and gets warned of the outbreak of the Georgia Flu. (CHP 3 Pg 17)After walking a little more he gets a call from the doctor again that tells him get out of the city or stock up on the supplies. Jeevan visits his brother Frank apartment knowing that this might be the last time they see due to Frank being a paraplegic. This is an interesting problem do you stay with your family and hope for the best or due you listen to the doctor and leave. Personally I would stay with my family because you don’t know what the future holds and I would want to die with my family.

In chapter 6 we learn about how the Georgia Flu has spread and what damage it has done, we get an incomplete list of what is left and what is gone. It seems as the world has gone dark as we learn there is no more trains running under the surface of cities on the dazzling power of the electric third rail. Then we that there are no more cities. This shows that maybe there are few survivors and they are all spread out all across the country or even the world. We also learn that there are no more pharmaceuticals left meaning that one small cut or an infection is an automatic loss of life.

No more countries, all borders unmanned the whole world is in chaos now and there’s no military to protect people. All laws are gone and now people have to fend for themselves. This a post-apocalyptic world with no order. I believe we all wondered about this kind of situation how we will survive what we will do. Reading ahead you get to imagine what happens and quite interesting. The decisions that Jeevan makes could be his last and mentally I don’t know if I would be able to survive long in a post-apocalyptic world.

In Chapter 1 we meet a little girl by the name of Krystal and then we don’t seem to hear from here again.  This is the only character we get to know by first and last name and Jeevan seems to be a father figure to here for the short moment he was taking care of here.  I believe Emily ST, John Mandel is somehow going to find a way for these two girls two characters to meet and survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

The Theater

From when you read the first couple lines on page 1, it is clear as day that this part of the novel was written in the third person .  I wasn’t all focused when I first started reading so I had to reread the beginning again and that’s when it became clear to me that the author started off part 1 taken place at a theater in Toronto where the play ‘King Lear’ , a tragedy written by William Shakespeare was being acted out.

I decided to look up the play since I’ve never heard about it before and apparently the play is about a king who disposes of his kingdom giving bequests to two of his three daughters, bringing tragic consequences for all.

In part 1 we learned about the perspective of the story being told and we also was provided with plenty of characters such as Arthur Leander, who played the King and suffered from a dramatic heart attack, Jeevan Chaudhary , who was a former paparazzo and currently studying as an EMS, Laura , who is Jeevan significant other and a few cast mates  such as Kirsten, a little girl in distraught, and Walter Jacobi, the cardiologist.

First thing first, the King’s dramatic death. I know actors take getting their lines correct seriously and improvise is the last thing they run to but as cast mates seeing the lead role start to lose his breath and skip lines I would be worried. For someone who was having a heart attack he was really calm ; but one thing that touched me was “…because he’d wondered all his life what his profession should be, and now he was certain, absolutely certain that he wanted to be a paramedic. At moments when other people could only stare, he wanted to be the one to step forward.” This quote spoke to me in a way because to be a paramedic you have to have the guts for it and you have to be fast and in my Social Psychology class I learned that the human instinct to do something when chaos is going on is to do nothing so for the humans who do act on a timely manner when something important is going on are hero’s and Jeevan is proud of himself (As he should) and it put a little smile on my face . He also didn’t hesitate to make sure that Kirsten was okay and safe with her guardian.  We are also told that Jeevan bought the tickets to the play as a romantic gesture to Laura , claiming that all they do is argue, but instead of waiting for him after he took the first gesture to trying to save Authors life to congratulate him or to be there for his mental support, she goes home without even leaving him a message and then messages him asking him to bring home milk? I feel like throughout the novel the narrator is going to give us more details about their relationship because how the author portrayed their relationship in the first part make me curious to know more about them. So far I think im going to enjoy this novel and m excited to get a better understanding with everything .