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Hi I’m Anoop and I’m currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Systems Technology at City Tech. I’m from Long Island and commute to Brooklyn for school.  I’m looking forward to this course because I enjoy writing as well as reading types of fiction. A weakness in writing I have would be I take too much time to actually begin writing a paper and planning it than actually doing it. Although this course is required for my degree, I also elected to take it because I would enjoy the topics discussed in the class.

Some of my hobbies include photography of city and landscapes, traveling around the city to try new foods, as well as visiting scenic places all around New York State. I also enjoy working with and building computers as well playing PC Games. I’ve also enjoyed working with programming languages to build websites and PC applications during my courses at CityTech as well as in my free time.

Looking forward to this semester!


Hi guys, My name is Blanca Borquez. I know this is like a super late post. I couldn’t post it earlier because of work and other classes. I am still trying to get used to my crazy schedule. My major is Electromechanical Engineering Technology. I am only going for my associate, this is my last year, i will hopefully be graduating in june 2018. I love dancing, i have done it for 7 years and it was fun. I also like exploring around, enjoy some nice views whenever i get out of work early. I do tend to catch up on my shows and relax whenever i have more free time. I honestly do not plan on working on my major after i graduate. I am enlisting into the army as active duty after this. I want to try things out, see what the world has to offer, travel around, but most importantly to experience things. 

Anyways, My strength in writing would be that i actually enjoy writing. Once i have an idea, i will totally go on and on and on but eventually i will get side tracked and that comes into my weakness. I tend to get off topic out of the no where and keep writing about it. I don’t think i have a favorite genre to be honest. As long as its something interesting and maybe if it has some mystery to catch my attention or drama, or stuff like that. I rather forget what is going around me when i am reading a book.  You will probably roll your eyes or laugh but i have actually read the twilight books, back in middle school. I also started reading the game of thrones books, but it got confusing actually. I have read Jane Eyre, The perk of being a wall flower, If I stay and Where she went. There are many more but don’t remember the names right now.

I took this class out of the other ones because this one stood out more for me. I guess because it had to do with fiction and maybe it would be much better than witchcraft to be honest, but i am open minded so we will see.

I have used openlab before, about a year ago or more. I don’t remember but i used it for this one class that i had learned how to code and every week we had to post our homework and projects and so on. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to add a post to this group though.


Hello guys! My name is Adrian and my major is Accounting. I hope to graduate and move on from CityTech and head towards either Baruch or Brooklyn College. I am not sure if I am even blogging correctly at this very moment and apologize if this may be late. I have only used openlab once and have forgotten all about it. My hobbies include hanging out with many of my friends back in high school, watching anime, browsing through many videos on YouTube, playing games/mobile games, watching NBA and playing sports. I am currently unemployed and maybe sometime Summer 2018, I will try to look for a internship. We all have to make our resumes look pretty stacking up the many jobs/internships eventually. Over this Summer, I have been doing what my hobbies are. Summer 2017 went by fast, but it was “lit.” There were so many reunions, parties, and many sleepless nights catching up with old friends. I personally enjoyed this Summer because not only was it relaxing but it was also nice to get away from our studies. For my next break, I plan to hang out more with my family members and work out more. I lost about 20 lbs during the Summer and I am currently 151 lbs. Overall this Summer was an opportunity for me to just lay back and enjoy the time go by even though the weather hasn’t been all that well.

I will be honest, I am not much  of a reader myself. I personally don’t like to read things that do not appear interesting but I will try to get a understanding of it. What I enjoy about writing, is that you have freedom. You can write whatever you want and express yourself on the internet and possibly receive constructive criticism.  Not only is receiving constructive criticism nice but it also great to give out your opinion on someone else’s paper. It’ll help us improve as we grow older and we’ll keep these mistakes from happening. Like before, I am not much of a reader but I do enjoy reading mangas/comics. This course will help me connect with myself more by expressing my thoughts to words. I never blogged about myself so it feel kind of awkward. I hope to learn more about the enjoyment people have for literature and also hope that maybe I may find something I might want to pick up myself. Again I apologize if this is late and hope to get along with people. (I said hope a lot but that’s all I can do for now! :))


Hello all, my name is Calvin Ly, and my major is Computer Systems focusing primarily on databases. This is my last semester before graduating from City Tech, and I am currently finishing the last of my required courses. I am currently looking for a job/internship, hoping to be employed once I’m out of school. Over the summer, I spent time learning new programming languages, namely C# and Scala, as well as making a simple contact manager app using a new application framework called “INFOR Mongoose”. Outside of working with computers, I have a wide variety of interests. I really enjoy watching movies and television series, and I’m always looking for something new (or old!) to watch. I’ve binge-watched all three seasons of Fargo, and am currently enjoying the critically-acclaimed Twin Peaks TV serial, which recently returned in 2017 after a 25(!) year hiatus. Some of my all-time favorite movies are Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958), John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) and Francis Ford Copolla’s Apocalypse Now (1979). My favorite horror movies are The Evil Dead (1981), Alien (1979), and Exorcist III (1990). I also enjoy watching professional basketball and browsing the Internet.

I’ve used OpenLab before in a previous class, in which I was required to read class material as well as post homework assignments. My weakness as a reader is I tend to be lazy in looking up definitions to unfamiliar words. My weakness as a writer is I find it a little difficult to begin a paper, and I spend a lot of time thinking about how I should start. My favorite genre is Science Fiction. My favorite books are Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Though I personally don’t read as much as I should, my view of literature is essentially the same as my views on film. I believe that literature (and film) is extremely important in exposing people to different viewpoints and philosophies. There are critics of fiction out there who say “its just a story, its not real”, but I believe that people can learn a lot from reading (or watching in film) about how characters deal with hardship and tragedy.


A still from Red Beard (1965) directed by Akira Kurosawa

intro and a R46

I’m Patrick Casalaspro from Elmhurst, Queens, currently beginning my second year here at  city tech.  My major is mechanical engineering technology, and I am writing this while drinking a yellow drink out of a green bottle.  My interests are trains(mainly British Steam engines, early British diesel engines, end of steam era american steam locomotives, MNR/LIRR rolling stock, and subway rolling stock), the world wars, and video games.  I read a lot of fan-fiction along with watching videos on YouTube.

The promised R46 is leaving the station

I took this picture at the end of 8 grade, the train is leaving the Grand ave Newtown stop on the Queens bulivard line.

The world is a beautiful place and words can capture that beauty.

Hi, everybody,                                                                                                                                                                                                     My name is Daniel Fanning. I grew up in Ireland and I moved to the U.S. fifteen years ago. I worked as a CNC machinist/programmer (metal machining/CAM programming) until about twelve years ago, when I gradually moved into management. I enjoy working with people. A good manager is  like a good coach; he attunes himself to others, helping rather than hindering.

I work in Yonkers N.Y. and live nearby. I am married with two children; a boy (11) and a girl (10). I like watching news and history channels. Reality often surpasses anything the mind can imagine. When I found out that the manufacturing company that I work for is planning to move down south, I decided to do a B.Tech in Mech. Eng. Technology, to make myself more marketable. I had completed an Associate degree years ago so I needed to do less to finish the B.Tech. I have completed three semesters at City Tech and I hope to finish in three more semesters.

The courses that I have enjoyed the most at City Tech are English (1101 & 1121) and History (1110).            I remember sitting down for my first class in Eng 1101, on a leisurely Saturday morning and being utterly surprised by what Prof. Ashar Foley could do with the English language. You don’t know that the room is stuffy until somebody opens the window. When I was in high school, English and History were the domains of pompous old fools. In City Tech, I found professors who maneuvered the literary rapids with graceful agility.

Words are magical, they can drive us to despair or fly us to the stars. Like dabs of paint by Van Gogh, they can blend seamlessly together to evoke an image that transcends to the sublime. I love being in the sublime area of writing, it’s the effort required to get there that daunts me. I am envious of those who write for a living, from the hack writer who gets paid by the word to the masters like James Joyce who carefully plan and sculpt their creation from the amorphous and cold stone. The world is a beautiful place and words can capture that beauty.

Welcome to my world

Well i’m just another guy from the Bronx, i from time to time just binge watch shows on Netflix play video games and eat food. This has caused me to gain weight….like 20 pounds!!!!! To solve this problem i will have to to go to gym just to burn of all this excess fat. But I’m way too lazy to maintain a proper workout schedule. I had a really great internship at NYPA (New York Power Authority) for the summer doing I.T. full time!!!!! It was amazing i met people i will definitely going to see again and chill with and the staff was the most friendly and most human people i have ever worked with ( i had alot of bad jobs). My goal is not I.T. tho, my goal is to become a great game designer and possible story-writer/editor of a comic-book, game designing because it to me is one of the most advanced forms of art as in entails drawing the assets(characters and world) and , storytelling, coding and music. I am currently helping my friend edit the story of his comic that he is writing (Prof you know who I’m talking about Ruben De La Cruz).Over this winter break i will be out of school so hopefully i can just finally sleep in and relax knowing i don’t have to got to school again.

My strength in writing is being able to come up with a lot of ideas and details of scenarios and situations for the characters in story’s and ways to develop their character in meaningful ways and of course the weakness is how do i structure the characters in a way where i can progress their character and show a gradual change for better or worse that is interesting and consistent plot wise.

English 2001: Intro. to Literature

Good day everyone~! My name is Sharie Libreros.  I am currently eighteen years-old but in September 15th I will be nineteen. Currently I am studying Liberal Arts and Arts but my main goal is to attempt to transfer to an art college in order to study and major in Animation as well with gaining a degree in Storyboarding. I am currently taking this course because I wish to improve both my writing and my story telling skills, especially with my dream to become an animator, especially with storyboarding.

I suppose now is the time to explain a little more about me?
I tend to spend my free time drawing as it is my passion, most of all I enjoy drawing cartoons, little characters that come to my mind, I hope to one day create my own animations to display as well with working along side many other skillful animators.
During my other spare time I tend to play video games, I mostly enjoy games that are more story based, but I still find enjoyment in most genres whether or not they have a story, just as long as they’re fun. It’s hard for me to choose my favorite game of all time but my top three are definitely, Mother 3 (Earthbound series), Megaman 1 & 2, Pokémon Gold and Silver, Super Mario World, Super Smash Bros. (all of them but mostly the 64)

I absolutely adore movies. Since I was a child, I always watched films, due to the fact we didn’t have much cable. I suppose that’s where my love for films began. I try to keep an open mind and find joy in all genre of film. There’s just a form of magic to films that is so hard to capture in any other form. One of my favorite directors of all time is Stanley Kubrick, he simply reaches that form of perfection and style that is impossible to replicate. Now while I cannot say I have a “favorite” film as there will always be another movie that will take my breath away. And I only hope to see even more, both old and new, to open my eyes and even use as sources of inspiration.

My favorite animal of all time are birds, the thought of flight, floating along side the clouds felt so abstract and intriguing to me. Not only that but birds are so beautiful and adorable that once you achieve their trust, you will unlock an unbreakable bond you won’t be able to receive from any other animal. My current bird is a Painted Green Cheek Conure,  recently she had turned 8 years old, although she was shy, I have her to give me the same love I have given to her. And I hope many of you try to see the same within birds.


I do enjoy post-apocalyptic stories as the situation just captures me, but I adore thrillers and crime stories as well. Graphic novels of course give me inspiration.   Developing  and creating characters were what I believe is my strong suit. Though with my writing I do believe my grammar and organization for building a story. I do home that within this course I can see how exactly structured and well executed these stories are made so I may learn some tricks. 1989 by George Orwells and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury holding such memorable characters, the most human and realistic characters that not is always portrayed as the stereotypical “hero” and the choices they make are based on what they personally believe to be the right decisions whether it benefits themselves or others.
Last semester for my English Com II class, I had to use Openlab, though it was mostly used to see assignments or news from my professor. Though this is the first time I am ever using OpenLab to create a blog or even write messages.

I truly hope to learn more and make new companions, so I can learn and grow as a story teller. I greatly look foreword to the next few months together and try to get to know you all! 😀

Introduction to English 2001

Hello everyone, my name is Dheeraj Surujprasad. I’m a Junior here at City-Tech studying Computer Systems Technology. When it comes to public speaking or writing as such in this case, I’m a very shy person and never know what to really say about myself when asked so I’m just going to be typing away here till I feel it’s ok. I’m a very easy going person that likes to enjoy everything that comes at me. I’m hoping to go into the software engineering field out of school and widen my experience with software development. I would also like to go into Video Games development in the future but that is not of priority for myself at this time. In my free time I like to listen to music, work with software code and play video games. For my taste in music, unlike a lot of others out there who listen to hip-hop/rap, casual pop, etc, I’m more into EDM/Electronic style of music. In my free time I like to tinker with open source software as well as to make my own so that I can learn from it and look at how to get better at writing code by practicing it over and over. For those familiar with coding languages, I’m currently learning Java, C++ and C# for application Development. I also like to mess around with computer hardware and look at how they’re built and how they work; I’ve built and broken down old/new computers many times so I can learn more and study them. Based off of this, most of you can guess by now but I’m very much into the world of technology and software and like to keep my interest around those areas a lot. Apart from those, I also like to watch a lot of movies and shows online, I’m a huge fan of Marvel + DC Comics and look forward to films/shows from both ends as well. That is really all I have to say about myself in this introduction, there isn’t really much interesting about me on my outside life of things, I don’t travel much and usually only stay within the borders of NYC and go to neighboring states once in a while.

When it comes to my reading and writing. I would say I’m ok at reading but when it comes to writing portions of things I’m not that great. With writing I’m always at loss for what I have to write as I’m never really sure if what I’m saying actually make sense to others or of it’s even the right thing I should be saying. Sometimes my grammar is poor or even choosing the correct wording to form sentences might be off when I’m writing. When it comes to reading, usually it’s mostly about the story and imagery that the author is trying to display. I do have an interest for books that revolve around fiction, thriller, mysteries, etc. I don’t really have a specific favorite text that I’ve read, I just normally pick up a book and read it based on recommendations and what I see on the internet and from there once I start reading I’ll know if I like it or not. When I think of literature & fiction, I always try to imagine the story that the author is trying to show us. I would imagine a piece of literature or fiction should be well written so that the reader could have a well thought out imagination or image of the setting and description of characters if any in the story as well as the actions that those characters will perform. If I cannot see this image in my mind with such details, then I do not find myself enjoying reading the book. I hope that makes little sense in some minds. I don’t have much knowledge of the OpenLab in general as this class and day of posting this would be the first time I’m using it. But technology in general I find myself quite aware of it as it’s one of my main interest and have a lot of knowledge in and would love to continue to learn more about it. In all honestly, I’m not exactly sure what to expect of this class, in the beginning I looked at it as studying literature and writing formats within text, and possibly us learning how to write. At this point, I could see this connecting into my career for writing official software/hardware documentations or informational writings. I’m not much of a writer so I look forward to seeing how well I do perform in this class.

That is all I have to say for this, thanks everyone that did read this for reading. Enjoy your day!

Introduction Post

Hello, my name is Melissa and I am a Fashion Marketing major. I will be finishing the last few classes for my degree by hopefully the spring semester. From there I plan to move on to another institution where I’ll switch my focus to communications. Some of my hobbies and interests are volunteering with younger students through a program called Read Aloud, they’re a very wonderful nonprofit. I like to fence, do yoga, keep up with global news, design, and take care of my two dogs. Currently, I am working at David’s Bridal where I have the role of a customer service representative and I also style brides when needed. I’m in the process of figuring out what kind of career I want, I dabble into lots of different interest making it hard for me to commit to one thing. However, I do think I want to be a fashion journalist but recently have also been playing with the idea of going into public relations. Over the summer I got a new puppy, and hung out with my best friend Noelle before starting summer courses.

That’s my new puppy Blue.

I have used Open Lab before when I took Introduction to Women Writers we had required blog posts for the class. I think a strength that I have as a reader is that I actually do enjoy reading books so it never feels forced when there is assigned reading. A weakness I have about writing is that it takes me a while to find a good flow for me because I usually try to fit to many ideas into one assignment. I dislike when I’m given a page requirement or limit when I write. My favorite texts are either The Sun also Rises or Vally of the Dolls. This is a course that might not necessarily connect to my major directly but it does interest me which is ultimately why I chose it to fill a required elective.