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Christian’s Introduction

Hello class, my name is Christian Soto. This makes my third year studying as a CUNY student. My major is currently Computer Engineering Technology though i have many others interests such as Game Design and Film Editing, just to name a few. I got interested in Computer Engineering Technology because technology is the future. Working with technology in general has always been something that has fascinated me. Though i do not have full knowledge of computers and how they work i expect to have learned a lot after completing my Bachelor’s.

School interests aside i also have many other hobbies. For starters I love music, it could be any type of music as long as it sounds good to me. I am a big heavy metal/Old school rock type of guy I can always just turn that on in the car and enjoy the ride a lot better. Without it i think i would lose my brain thanks to NYC traffic. When i am home i really enjoy playing video games though i have this certain passion for fighting games as a whole especially when i see tournaments for fighting games. It just amazes me how crazy it can get at times and I can only imagine how anxious one must feel playing in front a large crowd either cheering for you or boo’ing you. I also enjoy binge watching shows, mainly anime since i appreciate the Japanese culture but most recently i have been re-watching “Breaking Bad”.

I grew up in Williamsburgh Brooklyn for most of my life, though i have lived in other states and even another country. From the time I was 6 years old going to 7 i lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for about a year. My mother didn’t like living there though so we moved back to the States down in Florida with my grandmother for about half a year before deciding to move back to Brooklyn. Now i live in the Bronx so i guess i have always been moving here and there and i don’t plan on staying in the Bronx much long either. I plan to move out of New York City once I get my degree, mainly because i am not much of a city person i do enjoy quiet neighborhoods and pretty much just privacy.

I chose this course because out of the other elective courses this one was what i was looking forward to most so hopefully we can make this an enjoyable semester as a class.

Introduction Post

Hello everyone, my name is Imani Morgan, I’m a sophomore and I’m majoring in Liberal Arts and Arts and this is my first time using Open Lab. My hobbies are reading, technology, and braiding. English has always been my favorite subject in school. I don’t have a particular genre of books that I like, as long as it’s not boring i’ll read it. When I first attended City Tech I wanted to pursue a career in the nursing field, but changed my major to Liberal Arts so I can receive enough credits to transfer to Brooklyn College to get my bachelors to become an English Teacher for the ninth grade. As an English teacher, I want to expose my students to literature that will interest them so they can see that reading isn’t boring but it’s what you read. I’m on a mission to change how students perceive reading. I am a cat mom to my cat named Princess. I had her since I was in  the fifth grade and she’s my baby.  She’s on the plump side and my pet peeve is when people call her “fat”, the better term is plump and healthy.A few of the things  I enjoy are swimming, hiking, kayaking, and just being outdoors. Usually over the summer I stay with my cousin in Albany, NY since the summer on my way to sixth grade but this summer I stayed in Brooklyn sadly, so my friends and I made the best of it. We went  roller skating at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sky Zone, and had multiple small gatherings at each others houses.

What I enjoy most about reading and writing is being able to express myself. I’m very opinionated and I like to persuade people into seeing things from my point of view. What I dislike most about writing and critical thinking is when I have writers block and I know what I want to write but I cant put it down on paper. I dislike writing essays on things that don’t interest me because I don’t put in all my effort Other than that I always and still do writing and reading.


Hello everyone, my name is Heder Pastuizaca and I am 21 years old. This is the first time I am using OpenLab and the first time I am blogging. I am a transfer student and a computer systems major,  I don’t know much about computers besides what the average person knows. I hope I get to learn more about computers here than in my previous college.

I enjoy biking, sports (including soccer, handball or volleyball), not that I am good at them. I have a fear of heights but I recently went hiking at Bear Mountain with some friends.


View from the top

I wish to not have the fear of heights so I could properly enjoy the view that I captured that day.

I wish to have a career that deals with computers and be able to move in the world of intelligence gathering and cyber security because everything is being connected to the internet and we are becoming more vulnerable.

Currently, I am working as a bar back at a local lounge/club in Queens called SL lounge, been working there for about two years now, very grateful that they have been very flexible with my me and my time in college for this long.

I think a strength I have is my very extensive imagination which should help in a class that deals with writing within the realm of fiction genre. I don’t write well for a college student, i enjoy reading but if i read for anything other than a read, I can’t enjoy myself very much and it becomes a chore.

What I enjoy most about reading is that reading can transport you to a different universe and time period at an instant, I enjoy that writing can be anything you want it to be, and I enjoy that critical thinking is another form of learning how to read people in real life.

I dislike that writing has to have fancy words and proper words and sentence structures, partly because when writing gets graded it is never good enough, I don’t like to force read something I don’t enjoy and I don’t have an opinion on critical thinking.

My favorite genre to read is action, adventure, sci fi, and a bit of drama, even though I don’t have a favorite text.

My sense of literature/fiction is a form of writing that allows the reader to envision a form of writing that takes imagination rather than a simple google search in order to understand the text given to them.

This course will probably help me improve my communication skills and should improve my writing skills, I don’t see this course helping me in my major besides learning how to write better when writing a report or writing a mail to a superior.

I expect to have a lot of fun in this course and be able to learn how write a little better than before. Of course this is my first time blogging so I hope I do better each time.

Do Not Read

Oh, you’re still here? I guess that means you want to know more. Let’s begin now, shall we? My name is Kainat Ali and I am 22 years old. This is my first time using OpenLab but not blogging. This is my first semester at City Tech, I am currently a Liberal Arts major. Boring right? I plan on transferring to Brooklyn College though to continue my education and hopefully become a psychologist one day if my brain doesn’t end up frying in the process.

I enjoy traveling, I hope to visit as many countries as I can before my body gives up on me. I like experiencing new things and seeing new places. Getting out of my comfort zone can only benefit me. Just like how I have told you all on the first day of class that I fainted on a roller coaster before. I am so scared of heights but this summer I went zip-lining and it was awesome! Slowly but surely, I plan on getting over most if not all of my fears and achieving some goals I have for myself.

 I don’t get enough time to read anymore unfortunately but I do love reading. I can read any genre, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy it. I do challenge myself by reading different kinds of genres on different subjects. As for writing, I used to keep a diary. Typical girl stuff according to others but, it helped me keep my thoughts together. It used to keep me sane, not that I’m insane now. I would turn to my diary because I don’t feel comfortable turning to people anymore. 

My sense of literature/fiction is it’s a way to express yourself as well as educate others. Literature doesn’t always consist of made up stories, it can teach you a lesson or educate you on real world incidents. I feel like this course is going to get me back into reading. It doesn’t have much to do with my major, it’s just going to prepare me for the amount of reading I will have to do. I hope to learn as much as I can not only from this course but from my peers as well.

Looking forward to the rest of this semester !


Hello everyone! My name is Taisha Rivera but, I prefer to be called Ty (pronounced tie). This is my second year at City Tech and I am currently studying to become a Radiologist. I’m a huge reader but, I do not just read anything, I’m super picky with the books/short stories that I choose to read. I’ll love any book that sucks me in just at the beginning of the story, I believe that’s one of the best things about reading, getting lost within the book until you realize how far along you’ve gone without taking a break from reading.  I enjoy traveling, road trips and especially long drives accompanied with good music and good people. I also enjoy being surrounded by nature, although I’ve lived in the city my whole life, I hope to one day leave the state and be surrounded by fresh air, all the time!! One interesting fact about me is that I’m a crazy cat lady. I love all animals but, I’ve always been a cat mom♥. My weakness in English classes have always been speaking out loud in front of a class, I’m beyond timid when it comes to sharing my comments or answers. I’m also not great at writing papers when it comes to a topic that does not interest me. I would still try my best but, if I’m given a topic that catches my eye, I can write an awesome essay! My strength in English is that I enjoy reading, I’m very good at analyzing and annotating. I look forward to seeing how this class helps me grow as a writer.


Hello everyone, it is a pleasure. I go by the name of Timothy Rivera as some may already know. Things that interest me will be traveling, spending time with my family, and most importantly the ability to continue advancing academically. There are currently no specifics with regards to my major. However, I would like to be somewhere in the field of psychology. Over the summer I took time to visit loved ones located in VA, FL, & GA. As a writer, it is a bit complex for me to prevent run-on sentences and the selection of words I choose to convey certain ideas. However, I have an advantage finding hidden messages within a story based on literary devices, and punctuations. One thing I enjoy most about writing is being able to throw all my ideas on a paper and structure it accordingly. One thing I enjoy about reading is finding hidden ideas and messages that the narrator hides and expects the reader to skip by as though there isn’t any significance within those hidden points, and using that to find the main idea. I enjoy critical thinking because it helps me think outside the box and come up with better and more effective ideas.If it weren’t for Professor Belli I would have no experience what so ever with OpenLab. As of right now, I only know how to post statuses and post comments. My sense of literature is being creative and having fun with writing in a way that a lot of imagery is revealed. From this course, I expect to be able to be more creative with my writing and for my writing to be more structured or in order. I hope this is enough to give you guys a glimpse of who I am overall. Good luck to everyone in this course and may you get the best outcome!


Hi everyone I know I’m really late with this but anyways my name is Charie Ramirez and this is my first year in college. I am doing Construction Management as my major and plan to join the work force in my field and enjoy the site of a building project being made as I supervise. My hobbies are playing games and eating new foods, which I did over the Summer as well as getting my first job (HomeGoods) and as Winter approches I plan to work and play more and new games.

My strengths in writing that I can get my point through easier than others but it can also be my weakness in longer writings. As a reader I don’t really have any strengths but my weaknesses are that I get nervous reading infront of people so i tend to freeze. a
As a thinker I love to think about randoms ideas and topics mainly whatevers pops up in my head but I tend to over think wbich distracts me from my main task. I have no background in openlab and mystery is my favorie genre. I do not have a favorite text, do that I really don’t read alot. This coruse connects to my major by giving me my engish credit and I also expect to get better at writing and reading due that in school those topics are usually my weak points.


Gemanna Gomez Introduction

Hello Class!\


I am Gemanna Gomez, pronounced (Heh-Mah-Nah). I prefer being called Gem, which is my nickname. I am a first generation Dominican American, with Haitian ancestry as well. I am 19 years old, currently living in the Bronx and majoring in Liberal Arts and Arts here at City Tech. This is my second year at this school, after which I hope to attain my Associates degree and transfer to a school (possibly Brooklyn College or Hunter College) to study Journalism and English Education. My favorite color is burgundy, which I once had as my hair color not too long ago. I enjoy reading and writing very much and I’ve written several chapter books as a child that I plan on publishing someday.

When it comes to literature, I enjoy fiction/sci-fy stories, and dystopian seems to be a new favorite genre as well. I really enjoy the perspectives and creative takes that authors have on the effects of technology advancement, and how it can cripple our society in the “future”. As for strength and weaknesses, I feel that I am a very great writer and reflector, yet a weak public speaker or presenter. I love that writing is an anonymous voice and different way of self expression, and I live for the different worlds I get to experience in each book I read. My goal has constantly been to be open to new vocabulary words in the texts we read as a class, as well as expand my knowledge and writing skills by studying their definitions. I also look forward to experiencing and learning from other students as we share ideas and reflect on the texts given.

Thank you!

Introduction of Cristian Diaz

Good afternoon everyone.

My name is Cristian Diaz and I am new to the Open Lab website and it has taken me a while to navigate and find my way around but here I am.

I am 25 years old, a father of a beautiful and very active 3 year old and a Registered Nurse. I graduated with my associates June of 2016 and have been working as a nurse for about 1 year now. I work in Woodhull Hospital as a floating nurse, which means I see everything from psychiatric patients to stab wounds, all of which are very exciting. I consider myself as a quiet, serious person but I can have a good time with the right people.

I would love to travel the world, but at this time I have only been within the United States. Trying new foods and music are part of my hobbies, both of which I wish I had more time to do. I enjoy a good movie from all types of genre and a good fiction book every now and then, honestly I wish I would pick up a book more often, that of which I will make my goal for this semester.

Ita Flores Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Ita Flores. I’m an artist and I’ve lived in New York all my life. I work as an assistant teaching artist in Downtown Manhattan. I love music, art, reading, and politics. Over the summer I went to a few music events, museums, art shows, and the movie theaters. I enjoy exploring and walking around New York. By winter break, I plan on having a completed demo of a video game I’m in the process of making.

a picture from my trip to the MET

My strength as a writer would be that I have many opinions on several topics and my weakness would be that I have trouble explaining what I mean concisely. I enjoy reading, a strength I have would be that I can read quickly and understand texts well enough to discuss them, a weakness is that when I find a text uninteresting, long passages become  harder to parse for me. As a thinker, my strengths are that I read a lot about many topics and that I have many thoughts and opinions on them, I am very interested in philosophy and I tend to question many things in my day to day life. I think what I dislike the most about reading and writing is that they require the time in order to be truly immersed with them. I enjoy that writing gives me the space put my thoughts down on paper and see them more mapped out. Reading provides a place where I can think about hypotheticals in way that feels more real and closer to me.

I have a no experience with OpenLab, but I am well versed with technology online.

My favorite genres include, fiction (political, fantasy, and science) , drama, and magical realism. I also read short stories. I don’t think I have an all-time favorite text, but recently my favorites are, the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy by Kevin Kwan, Demian by Hermann Hesse, and the short story, Folding Beijing by Hao Jinfang.

I think fiction is a genre in literature that can be used to tell stories that can range from realistic history to wildly imaginative dramas. Fiction gives us the opportunity as a society to be thoughtful and creative. I plan on working within the vein of art in the future and learning about how our world operates is huge part of being an artist, literature, fiction specifically, is another medium through which we can communicate. I hope to learn all that I can this semester, especially, learning about the current state of the world through works of literature.

Thank you for reading!