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Thought Curation (#WhyIWrite)

I started writing when I was really young in order to keep myself entertained. I never really saw it as something I enjoyed doing until recently. It was difficult explaining my convoluted ideas to others and writing made it easier to understand myself. It also provided a place for me to get out anything that I couldn’t talk about with others, either because it was personal, or too complicated, seemed nonsensical or simply because my interests didn’t align with others around me.

In my junior year of high school, my teacher made us keep a journal. I found that when I really put effort and care into what I wrote it was not only a lot more enjoyable to write but a lot easier to read and understand. Keeping that journal I learned that I could have fun writing. I learned that if I actually cared about and meant what I was saying, I wouldn’t have any regret or cringy moments rereading my writing later. I appreciated writing a lot more after keeping that journal, I’m regretful I didn’t continue it afterward… 

Two entries from the journal I kept in 2015

I think of writing as a way to capture who I was at a point in time. Just how a picture can capture an image or moment, writing is almost like capturing an essence. I can relive a moment in time when I felt or thought a certain way. Writing about things that I feel passionate about is really interesting, I think it’s really easy to forget that writing can be used for so much more than academia. I’ve written about my favorite singers and bands, fashion, food, restaurants, brands, music, books, and even words. 

Recently, in an effort to start journaling again I made an Instagram account where I post my favorite pictures and caption them with small thoughts, essays, or song lyrics. It’s easier to make a quick post on the bus or train than to sit down and physically write out in a journal, of course, it’s different, but at the core, it’s the same. I like to think of it as Thought Curation, where I pick out what I like most, polish it and share it.

It’s cathartic being able to express emotions freely, and writing is something very simple that almost everyone can do. I really encourage it, it’s a space to grow and practice.

The reason why i write

I don’t exactly know how to go about this but, i’ll definitely try to put this in the most concise and somewhat succinct way possible. The reason i write has to stem from the fact that writing to me is complete freedom stuffed into a single past time. Reality can be somewhat stifling to me. There are many things you can’t do or say. You’re always somewhat forced to abide by the rigid and somewhat arbitrary rule set that the majority of the your society’s population creates. And whoever dares break any of these rules are usually met with great scrutiny and to a certain degree, treated as a social pariah by the normalcy abiding citizens. It’s the banner of normalcy that the population that holds majority use onto anyone and anything that breaths. Arbitrary rules such as what’s OK to say and what isn’t OK to say. What’s OK to do and what isn’t OK to do. Can limit one’s ability to express themselves in a way that they see fit So, when i want to express myself writing becomes my creative medium. Being able to say what i want how i want whenever i want on dead paper is one of the most liberating activities that i can ever partake in. Writing in a journal about anything that comes to mind can really take a load off your shoulders when saying it in person isn’t much of an option. Creating stories that incorporate worlds that operate on a set of rules that you yourself can create. Writing is a medium that can liberate your very soul in ways that no one else can. And, also, if i can be really honest with you all. Writing is one of the main ways i learn about who i am as a person. For those who may not know. There are many things about ourselves that you we may not even be aware of. Interests, Pet Peeves, perspective etc. These sorts of things can be somewhat hard to find on your own. We can only learn so much about ourselves by how we behave on a day to day basis. When it comes to writing be it in a journal, a diary or even by writing a story, you’re able to constructively figure out what makes you tick. This all stems from the fact that when you’re writing (especially when you’re alone). You only have you and your own thoughts to keep you company. No distractions from the outside world and (if you’re writing at a time where you don’t have many responsibilities to worry about) a whirlwind of ideas that cloud your head (i don’t mean this as a bad thing the term “cloud” just came up for some reason so i just typed it as is). These thoughts stem from your inner self and believe it or not but, it’s crying out all of it’s worries, fears, hopes and even precious dreams. Understanding yourself can be somewhat scary to some though. Some people may be afraid to write because of what they may drag out from deep within themselves. Depressing, or scary ideals can be one of those aspects that individuals may want to keep hidden deep, deep within themselves. The very idea of letting these ideas surface is what terrifies many people. And if you (the reader) are seeing this and consider yourself as one of these individuals then i only have this to say. Denying yourself isn’t going to help anyone. You’re certainly not doing yourself any favors by doing so. The road to understanding and acceptance can be somewhat frightening. But, denying what makes you, you isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself and doesn’t exactly help you understand why you think the way you do. Or act the way you do. I mean, sure. Denial is almost always the easier path that requires less effort but, In my opinion. You’re just being a coward to yourself. The harder path which is will lead to a much happier future. Or, at the very least to a much more clear and not so confusing future. am i going to end this… I think I’ve already said everything i wanted to say about the subject……………………………………. Okay, i know what to say. EVERYONE! start writing! If you don’t know what to write about then just jot down anything that randomly comes to mind! Those free writes our professor makes us do isn’t Something she uses just to kill time! There’s an actual reason to them! And that reason is in the previous paragraph! So, just Write! Write about how your day went, write about something/someone you like, write about something/someone you hate. Hell, write a story if you so choose. And to those who think that this a bit of a silly thing to ask, trust me when i say that you will definitely learn at the very least a little bit more about yourself. I mean, worse case scenario you’ll get somewhat bored doing it. Best case scenario, you’ll learn a heck of a lot more about yourself in a few minutes of writing than you ever could in like, a month of just living! You have so little to lose and potentially sooo much to gain!

The Persistence of Memory

Why do I write?

Most of what I write is work related, emails and reports. In both the writer needs to convey as much information as possible, using simple language and in a way that is easy to comprehend. Every superfluous word detracts from an effective email or technical report.

Emails especially need to be positive, upbeat and free of unnecessary emotion. It’s important to make the reader feel positive about what he reads. You are selling your idea and the pitch needs to be right.

In City Tech I discovered the joy of writing. One multiple occasions I have been so pleasantly surprised by the euphoric high that I get after working on a piece for a few hours. It seems counterintuitive that something so satisfying is both legal and moral. The catch however is that I have to really push myself to react that moment of catharsis, but when I get there, I am so light that it’s as if I am flying over the world looking down, at peace with myself as new ideas bounce around like a steel sphere in a pinball machine. These moments I cherish despite my avoidance of the effort required to achieve them.

Good writing demands discipline, as does any skill or art form. I balk at the restraints imposed upon me by structure but I must admit to its effectiveness. I would like to just fling words at the canvas in a frenzy of spontaneity but as somebody suggested to me recently, I should start by way of spontaneity and finish by way of structure in a second sitting. Who can argue with that?

I believe that a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. In my moments of literary euphoria I could not escape the thought that writing could benefit so many people. My thought went to those imprisoned in various institutions around the United States. Would not writing be an effective remedial therapy that could bring them joy and a positive attitude to themselves and their surroundings.

I would like to finish with Pablo Picasso’s  “The Persistence of Memory” painted in 1931. Even though we know that this painting is illogical, it talks to us at a subconscious and irrational level.I think that effective writing also needs to talk to us at a subconscious level, appealing to us, without our understanding why.



Image result for pablo picasso melting clock

Open the gate for happiness

We seem to write everyday. You text others on your mobile devices, you write a letter to your family when you are on a trip, you write a blogging post on Facebook or Twitter, these all can be considered as a type of writings. If you are going to ask me about the reason why I write, my answer will be for happiness. Everyone may have a bad time in the daily life, sometimes they may try to find someone and complain about it, but fact is that in order to deliver your story  clearly, you may use a lot of descriptive words in it but no one would always like to listen to you with patient, but your pen you use for writing doesn’t. You can have you pen to work with you like always and express all the thoughts vividly with the descriptive language you use, there will be a chance people feel interested in your works and try to understand what you try to deliver to them. And more importantly, you may develop a better mood after.

Writing can make you feel happy, it’s not without a reason. There might be things in the world you couldn’t change, such as bad weather, heavy traffic, people’s misunderstandings, you feel bad about this and cannot complain these through your mouth, you might be choose to write instead at this moment. As the words flow under the nib of your pen, all things seem to be controllable and were stated out clearly on the paper. At this time, you will use a different attitude to judge these things. The paper will always be patient and record your thinking. You can just take your time and do your critical thinking. This is also the right timing for you to develop your own thoughts for this case. After you will definitely feel satisfied for the results.

Beside helping you to build your own thinking, writing can also be a good tool for you to communicate with others. Many people thought writing was just the way to record your own thinking, but that was not true, writing can also be the bridge to connect you and others. I still remember that writing used to be my good tool to keep in touch with my friends and my teachers when I was studying in high school. As an immigrant without any English background, I often feel frustrated for not able to talk to people here and understand what was told in class. At that time, my sister suggested me to write to my friends and teachers and talk a little with them about it, then I started my time of writing. A month later, I realized that writing was such an amazing thing to do when you get bored and have no one to listen to you. As you know, when you try to talk to someone, in order to deliver your own thoughts to them, you have to construct your words wisely and clearly in order to deliver you message to them. However, you might not be a professional speaker, and you might mess it up on constructing your sentences because it’s impromptu. That was the things always happen to me. My teachers and my friends sometimes don’t understand what I said, the tool I used to solve this problem at the moment was writing. For example, I will send an email to my teachers in class, because there is no time limit, I can slowly construct my sentences with the use of descriptive language in order to state my thoughts clearly so the teachers can understand what I am trying to tell them. I am so happy that this is really working for me, I quickly build up the bridge with my teachers, they are happy to listen to me through the email and try their best to help me solving the problems I have, and I can keep on track in class again with the help of writings.

You never know how much writings can help you, not only building connections with others, but also can spread your thoughts widely. You can deliver your thought to several people by saying out through your mouth, but if you are a good writers, your writings can deliver your thoughts to thousands of people. Such as a french fiction writer named Jules Verne, he wrote many scientific novels which clearly expressed his ideas of some future products which inspired many people in the world at the old time. I still remember the things he stated in his work, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, all those advanced technology really surprised me and keep my curiosity on continue chasing his ideas on the future. Imagine if he just told the story verbally but without writing it down, there will be less people can hear his creative ideas now and we may not understand his ideas that well since changes are always occur when people try to transfer the data verbally.

Writing is like a opened gate to help you to explore yourself and the world. Sometimes I will write a little to record the best moments in my life. Every time I write, I feel like it’s another chance for me to rethink about the things I’ve done or what was actually happening in the world, I can write slowly and construct a proper structure, and then gently put my experiences and ideas in certain area of my writings. The writings make me think again and again as the time I write, and sometimes there will be some creative ideas coming up which I feel so happy about it. Writing really works for building your thoughts and help you to chase for happiness.

If you are asking me about a thing we can do to relax ourselves which cost less and we will be happy about it, I will tell you it’s writing without any hesitations. You write, you think, you can also deliver your thoughts to other people and your writing may bring small changes to the world we have for now. And all you need to achieve this goal is just a pen and a piece of paper, so why not writing?



Writing Improves Social And Study Skills

Why do I write? Well, to be quite frank, there are multiple reasons as to why I write. Now if I may be one hundred percent honest without judgment, I write mainly because it is a ‘requirement’ to advance academically. I find writing to not be one of my personal interests. I happen to consistently wonder off into space whenever I am writing or even reading. It seems as though writing to many people is to free one’s thoughts, convey a message to someone, or to even improve language or complex use of vocabulary. Although I honestly do not like writing, I have learned to accept the reality of it and I have learned that even if I do not like writing that in doing so there are indirectly other perks to it. For example, when I am writing it translates to me building better structure when speaking. Instead of speaking on a topic in a fast pace, I find it easier to speak with more relevance to whatever it is that I have to say. Another perk will be that when writing study notes for a test it is more likely you’ll remember whatever it is written because instead of just mentally reading it, you are also physically partaking in writing which increases the chances of you remembering what was written/said rather than what was just said. Considering I struggle with tests at times, this seems to be very useful. Now, I know it seems more logical for reading to influence writing. However, when writing I have found the significance towards re-reading my work. This is because most of the time the first draft of an essay or writing assignment is usually all scrambled with full of ideas all over the place. Hence why re-reading your work is important to me because when doing so, you find errors in structure, vocabulary, punctuation, and content. This can lead to better writing skills and then when it comes to reading? It’ll be a piece of cake because you can read the story with the acknowledgment of structure and content and as a result better understand the story.



Why do I write? Well the main reason for why I write is because I have to since its homework. Jokes aside I write because  you get to be you, you can write whatever you want, whether it be good or bad. It doesn’t matter. There’s a lot of pressure that is put on every person everyday of their lives, from preparing for SAT’s, getting good grades in college, paying off your bills, trying to figure out what your going to do with your life, getting the money to get by day by day, etc.

Writing for me is a way of letting off steam. You don’t have to put on a “mask” of being like everyone else just so you don’t get judged by everyone around you and it’s something that takes my mind off anything that would possibly give me stress, though my main way of relieving stress is through games.

Writing also leaves behind many ideas which I don’t really think about. If I ever came up with something interesting, I would write it down and just leave it there till I decide to go back and build on it. Writing lets people introduce others into a completely new world which some might have never thought of. Things like the light novels that people enjoy reading like the new gate which caught my interest, rising of the shield hero, which eventually leads to their manga counterparts being released eventually. There are even games which are made based off novels, for example The Witcher games which are amazing in how detailed everything is in the world. Writing lets you take a look into the world that the authors are making in their minds, which always differs from person to person.For me and probably many people writing is a way of putting yourself out there in the world, though not directly linking it to ourselves sometimes, the things people write tend to be reflections of how some people live, or how they see the world, etc. We can be as creative as we want, we can destroy anything that we can imagine, you can create brand new race of creatures, people, anything you want. In a world where we are always chained down by life, in writing you are free to do anything you please with no consequences or anyone to judge you. Well unless someone finds it and reads it themselves

Image result for my world

For what I like about writing, its that I can make whatever I want. In the worlds in which anyone can write, you could add dragons, elves, virtual realities that you can actually interact with, summoned into a different world. Writing can have as many ideas anyone can come up with without being chained down by your life’s responsibilities. Writing lets you be you, with nothing holding you down, no one holding you back, well other than yourself. It also leaves a piece of you behind if anyone wants to leave behind something before they leave this planet. I enjoy the freedom which writing actually gives to me. People will always fight for their freedom, but in the end we are always chained down by something. When I write, I don’t have those same restrictions as I normally would in life. You are free to do whatever you want. I write because I am free to do whatever I want, add whatever I want, destroy what ever I want, I get to do whatever I want without being held back by anything.

One of the building blocks of a great mind is found in writings

I’ve always loved to write, even when I was a kid learning to write for the first time with my professors. I would go home and practice all the letters I’ve learned just so I could be better at it. Writing has always been a part of my life, from when my parents told me bed time stories that they read and memorized, to when I started spending my free time reading my sister’s books, until this very moment where I’m telling you why I write. I write because I have a tremendous amount of inspiration, I write because I can express my imagination and invite readers to experience them with me, I write because I can’t express myself as well when I’m speaking, because of my speech disorder. These are just some of the reasons why I write.

I started writing when I realized that all of these letters when put together can tell the most amazing stories. I’ve realized that one can be transported deep into another world, and be dropped in the middle of some of the most amazing adventures, while being safe in the comfort of their home. I’ve realized at a young age that I had all the tools required to bring someone else with me into these imaginary worlds that can be created just by writing a few paragraphs. Without any further thoughts, I started writing about anything and everything I could imagine and I don’t have any plans to stop.

I started reading my sister’s books at the young age of nine, I didn’t understand every words I saw in those books, but that didn’t stop me from understanding the stories that were being told. I kept reading those books because they gave me the inspiration I needed for my own writing. Even though my stories didn’t always make sense, I kept on writing because I wasn’t trying to make sense during those times, I was simply trying to put my imagination to paper, where it can be cherished and preserved.

I can remember my first love letter to my crush, I had to put everything I learned from previous readings and writings into this one letter. I was extremely nervous because I wanted to put all of my feelings towards her into the letter, but I also didn’t want it to be overwhelming. I didn’t realize it at the time, but writing this love letter really helped me be better at writing and sharing my thoughts. After what seemed to have been an eternity, I finally did give her the letter and the rest is for me to know and for you to make assumptions about.

I have a speech disorder called stuttering also know as stammering, it is a nervous system disorder, as in there is something wrong in my cerebral cortex, more specifically in my frontal and temporal lobes because they are associated with speech. I’ve had to deal with it for most of my life, and one of the moments where I am free of it is when I’m writing. When I write I don’t have this anchor pulling me down and stopping me from being all that I know I can be, when I write I can express myself better than I ever could otherwise. I envy the people who can speak fluently and take it for granted. They probably don’t know about all of the great opportunities I’ve missed out on because of my stuttering, it has affected my personal life, my love life, my public life and my professional life.

These are some of the reasons why I write, these are the things, places, and moments where I get my inspiration from.

Doors to Imagination

Why Write:

Writing, is for me, a way to express myself. I can put down on paper what I would love to say out loud, but it may come off as an insult or something unbecoming. I use writing as a way to escape this world and travel to unreal places. Places that I can go to without judgement and  rejection. Where I can be a hero or make up one that looks like me and can be accepted by the character’s heroic acts. With writing, I can jot down all of my thoughts in tangled sentences without  worry about punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Writing is a way for me to express, and open myself in a vulnerable way to myself. I think writing helps you to know yourself better.With writing I can see my thoughts on paper. I can tell what kind of story teller I’am. If  I’am  writing for my own eyes, I can tap deep within myself and give my dark inner thoughts words that it can use for me to see just how dark I can be and to make peace with myself. Writing gives me that best friend that is way better than my best friend. If I have something to say I can always count on a pen or pencil and paper to jot down my immediate thoughts. Writing never has to be “called over” because writing is just my thoughts that I can put down on paper.


Image result for pencil and paper

Writing also helps me sort through ideas that I may have for a project. Sometimes writing helps me put my priorities in order. I really love to write, but mostly I love writing on my own terms more. I hate having to be force to write, especially if it is on a project for a class about a topic that is boring.

I believe that writing opens the door to imagination. For me, I like to think up different worlds or monsters in my head and write them down on paper. I love that freedom that writing gives to me. Writing will always be my mistress. I will always have love for it. Writing will always be a part of my life that I will hold dear.

So, to sum up why I write, I write because it is the only thing that is purely me. I love doing it and it keeps me in check with myself. It lets me look back on myself. Like when I was younger I kept a diary, now, I can look back and see my thoughts on things when I was younger and see how I think differently about them now. Writing is my friend, my enemy, my lover, and my life. Because of all these things is the reason why I write.

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Writing has always been a part of me. English was always my favorite subject in school so reading and writing was a breeze to me. My first time writing on my own (without my teacher giving me an assignment) was the summer of 2010(I just finished fourth grade and that following September I would be entering the fifth grade). I was in Albany, NY with my cousin Simonia and she would bring me to work with her everyday and one day I ventured off into the copy room where they had a type writer and I wrote my first piece of writing..on a type writer. I had left it there thinking it was nothing and three years later my cousin coworker showed me that she had found my piece of writing and loved it, even though I didn’t finish it she took it and gave me a copy  of it, to which I have no idea where I put it today. But I do remember what I wrote; I was writing a story about a girl named Tatiana, and Tatiana felt alone in the world, no one at home paid her any attention, all her parents would do was cry and at school it was like no one realized she was there, she wanted to disappear from the earth.Plot twist and spoil alert, she actually had been kidnapped a few years back and was found dead and it was just her spirit wandering around. That was supposed to be the ending but I never received the chance to finish it and I remember it till this day. Ridiculous right?! Image result for i can do this forever

But even from that point I never took writing serious. I went on after that day coming up with stories to write but I never succeeded into actually putting my thoughts on paper. But soon enough I was given the opportunity to let my imagination run wild again when my cousin boyfriend asked for my help in a play he was putting on at a high school where he works at in Albany; it was the summer of 2015. My job was to help the kids he was working with to improve on their skit ideas and he even made me write a script for the play, which I took part in. Again, I was told I should start writing my own pieces but I never took writing serious, just something to do when I had the time. Only a short period after that my friend told me I should start writing books on an app called Wattpad. I was familiar with it already, I would go on and read all types of books of the other members of the app. I took my friend advice and started writing. It took me a while to think of a topic (stupid writers block)  to write about but I tried not to think so hard and just started typing away. By the time I knew it I was on Chapter 3. I would constantly work on it all day and night. At the dinner table, in the car, while using the bathroom, on the Amtrak, you name it. But after a while I stopped writing, I don’t know the reason why, but I just didn’t want to do it anymore so I took a break..which lasted about almost a year and then I started on a new book, which I didn’t finish either (I have a tendency on starting things I don’t finish).The fist book I wrote is called “Kayla’s Life Story”. I only let one person read it because I was too shy. That was in late 2015,early 2016 and I haven’t touched either of the books I wrote. Here and there I get ideas on things to write about but I never sit and write them out, but I think I’m going to start again. Writing always has been a hidden passion of mine, writing helps me to escape reality and allows me to create a different one, where I have control in what’s going to happen next and I love it. When I was going through a rough patch in my life writing was what helped me express myself, it was like being on a different planet by myself, just my phone and I and no one could bother me. Writing became my safe haven, and that’s why I like to write. If any one would like to read my book I’ll personally email or send the link (still a little shy) .Image result for i can do this foreverImage result for i can do this forever


Anonymous, Pure Self Expression

Why do I write? The question itself sounds like “why do I read? or listen to music?”
Writing has always been a release of the thoughts in my mind that aren’t the same if just spoken, an urge when I am inspired; it feels as though there’s an overflow of words rushing to the paper sometimes. I’ve been writing personally and freely since the 5th grade, when I was introduced to the world of literature, after getting lost in the different lives and worlds of books and after I had read and collected enough Junie B. Jones stories to come to the conclusion that I desperately wanted to write my own!

During the designated free writing time given to us after recess for 10 minutes, I felt the most freedom just recollecting my thoughts in my notebook. I remember once recollecting my morning in a free write and I wrote, “The sun spilled like orange juice over my pillow and onto my ruffled bedsheets”. I didn’t think much of it but my teacher loved this sentence so much! I can also still recall the sweaty palms and hand aches induced by my excitement to get all my words and short stories down. My first ever hand written chapter book was a science fiction novel about a group of gifted seniors in high school who got together every New Year’s Eve to stop the sun from scorching the planet. They’d all been born with the same supernatural power to blow extremely strong winds that cool off the Sun’s surface! I went on to write dozens of short stories; some related to mystery, action, and even some from the perspective of fictional slave characters during the late 1700’s, as this was the grade I first learned about the slave trade that shaped America.

Today, I’ve written myself out of some of the darkest places in my life. From loss, heartbreak or even the happiest days of my life, my reflection and expression through writing has given me strength to not only push forward but inspire others. I believe this is also why I aim to be an English teacher; to help others reach inside for stories and words that already exist in them. To write is to share from within and create worlds, animals, people of all colors and shapes… all with just the ink in your pen or the lead in a pencil. Writing is an editable journey in which we delve into the depths of our creativity and piece together something meaningful and from the soul. I write because I am inspired, but I also write to inspire, and writing is sort of a never-ending chain of influence in this way.