Brainstorming for better Topic…

What influenced Tyler to be the Prophet was what he inherited from his parents and the experiences he had from his time traveling through the world after the Georgia Flu. He inherited his mother ideals from young age well before he started to travel. The knowledge and ideals written in The New Testament. His time traveling through the world post Georgia Flu. Then leading into him become the Prophet based on The New Testament and Dr. Eleven.

There are many possible influences that could’ve led Tyler to be the Prophet, but none is more important than the beginning with his mother. Tyler’s mother Elizabeth is considered to be woman that kept a positive outlook with ideal “Everything Happens for a reason” this ideal was engraved onto Tyler from a young age. In year one, Tyler told Clark about why he read to the dead people in quarantined airplane “I just want them to know that it happened for a reason” the word reason is there just like Elizabeth’s believes. This is related to Elizabeth’s believes “Everything Happens for a reason” and Tyler is asking for a reason to why everyone in airport was alive to Clark. Even Clark was not happy because reason doesn’t exist it because it just happened they were lucky not to be infected. This show the amount of influences that Tyler’s mother Elizabeth had on him from young age.

After Elizabeth and Tyler departed from Severn Airport with religious wanders, there could’ve been major influences in time span to present time that could’ve make Tyler decided to be the Prophet. From what the Prophet said “I saw my mother die twice” he mentioned that death of body and death of soul, it could mean he saw mother death physical and then he could’ve burn body to represent the death of the soul. The major influences were Tyler witnessing his mother death, and combine with Dr. Eleven quote on comic “You were his second-in-command, you must lead in his place” he taken up his mother believes as he became the Prophet.


I really don’t know what to do for my topic. I want my topic to be like “what influenced Tyler to the Prophet” but that doesn’t sound persuasive at all. I feel like trying to deepen into Tyler the Prophet character because he wasn’t mentioned at all for those years he was traveling and why he became Prophet. It not matter not having much type it doesn’t feel like I’m persuasive, but exploration into character frame.

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