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Moira’s Greatness

In The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, Moira is an amazing character, an example of a different type of woman when comparing to other women in the story.The first action of Moira being amazing character is the fact she took down an aunt, that no one in this story has done so far. Even Offred compare Moira to herself, and Offred felt she was lacking in every aspect.  Moira show she capable person in post-Gilead world. 

Before Moira attempted to escape the center, she had done one thing that no other character in story did before that is tie up Aunt Elizabeth. Moira told Offred that “I left that old hag Aunt Elizabeth tied up like a Christmas turkey behind the furnace.” (244) that is amazing the fact she uses her strength to take-down the aunt and then tie her up like Christmas turkey is enough to be amazing character. This example of strong woman.

When Offred compare herself to Moira, she feels lacking because she doesn’t have this greatness when looking at Moira’s actions to escape. Offred thoughts “I expect her to, with my idea of her courage, live through, act it out, when myself do not?” (249) Offred is questioning herself does she have the courage to live the way Moira did when she try to escape. Offred does want to be different when comparing to Moira “I don’t want her to be like. Given, go along, save her skin. That is what it comes down to. I want gallantry from her, swashbuckling, heroism, single-handed combat. Something I lack.” (249) According to Offred she doesn’t want to give in or save her skin meaning she doesn’t want just abandon her daughter or Luke just escape by herself like way Moira did, but she wants the courage that Moira displayed which she refers as heroism, gallantry, swashbuckling, single-handed combat. Offred does feel lacking comparing to Moira, but Offred doesn’t want to leave behind her daughter is only difference.

Moira is quite of a unique character to be in post-Gilead, she is capable. Before she left the center, the icing on the cake to tie Aunt Elizabeth like Christmas turkey was genius. Offred describe Moira had this courage that she lacked even going as far say it was heroism. Moira is a type of character that make this story feel alive from her action from trying to escape and her crazy actions.

Stop Offred!

In The Handmaid’s Tales, Offred is starting to have feeling for Commander. Offred is starting to have weird emotions, and the Commander take note of this to continue his advances. setting up for her downfall, awareness has decreased. From an earlier discussion, the topics where people discussion Offred is paying close attention to her senses, surroundings, and memories to maintaining her sanity, where she devalues her body to be like machine. This changing point because she considering herself to be more than machine for breeding. The Commander is like fueling Offred with false strength because authority is with the wives of Commander. This could lead Offred into being send to colonies.

Offred is starting to have feelings for her Commander, or Commander is eyeing at her for a chance. She describes her emotion to him “I felt shy of him.” (Atwood, 160) this shy for emotion is dangerous because she considering having emotions for the Commander who basically consider her a breeding machine. Then Commander is enjoying it “He reached his hand up as if to touch my face; I moved my head to the side to warn him away, hoping Serna Joy hadn’t noticed, and he withdrew his hand again,” he eyeing for Offred, and Offred was lucky if Serna Joy saw that Offred would be in trouble given that she just mistress and Serna Joy is the wife. The Commander taking note of Offred’s behavior to prepare advances at Offred, but this will endanger Offred if Serna Joy discover it.

Offred is now consider herself more of woman and stronger person, but she tries forget that she just like machine which can lead to her downfall. Offred feel like stronger woman because “To him I’m not just a boat with no cargo, a chalice with no wine in it, an oven – to be crude – minus the bun. To him I am not merely empty.” (Atwood, 163) It nice that Offred considering more of herself than a tool, but she isn’t in position of power. The Commander’s wives have the power “He wouldn’t be able to intervene, to save me; the transgressions of women in the household, whether Martha or Handmaid, are supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the Wives.” (162), and the wives can remove Offred if they discover that she been having that relationship with the Commander. She knows this but take pleasure in the fact “Also: I now had power over her, of a kind, although she didn’t know it.” (162) Offred is starting to be delusion thinking she has power when she just mistress. This can lead into drama, where wives we remove her from this house, and Offred may end up in the colonies if this keep up.

Offred is being casually with Commander given her position, she must not forget that she is just breeding machine or this can lead into a dangerous situation where Offred can get send to colonies and endanger her child. Offred described the wife to be malicious and vengeful woman, this something if Offred knows, she should avoid any dangerous activities.

The Good Doctor

In The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, the main protagonist Offred while visiting the clinic for check-up, she meet a unique doctor. The doctor is down to earth, admitting there are sterile man within a country that consider that is not officially. The doctor offers to impregnate her, so she can bear a child and be safe from execution by the law. This act is risky because it against the law, but this doctor is good person willing to help her because he is risking himself as well.

This doctor that Offred talks to in the clinic seem to be more down to Earth than the rest of the people in this country. The doctor said “Most of those old guys can’t make it anymore,” (61) he follows up with “Or they’re sterile” (61) in a country where the word sterile is forbidden that is big thing to do for doctor. Even Offred’s response “I almost gasp: he’s said a forbidden word” (61) this doctor is academic knowledgeable because he knows that there are women who can bear children and those can’t bear a child, and he know there are men who are either not sterile or sterile. In a country where officially, a sterile man doesn’t exist and only women that are either fruitful or barren, he is willing say there are sterile man in secret is big thing, so he is down to Earth knowing what real and fake.

The doctor is very kind person because he is willing to put himself in danger to help these handmaids because if the guardians discovers what he been doing, he be dead. Offred mention “I hesitate. He’s offering himself to me, his services, at risk to himself” (61) there are some risk to the doctor impregnating a handmaid in order to help them to fake having a bear a child with the commander that is maybe sterile. In a sense this is genuine sympathy because if he wanted intercourse I’m pretty sure his wife would do it, but since he willing help these handmaids at the risk he could be caught means death. This shows he is a good person that isn’t in for the intercourse to help these handmaids because he put himself in danger by doing so.

This doctor is interesting person to come across in this dystopian country, he is not doctor in for intercourse with these handmaids because if he was caught he be killed. People can think the doctor want intercourse in exchange a handmaid get impregnated, but in a dystopian setting the sense of rights and wrongs are out the door already. It the decision for the handmaids to make do they want die because their commander is actually sterile, and the higher-ups doesn’t want admit the truth not everything in the bribe is true, or do they want to live by having a child with a stranger. Even thou Offred rejected the offer, he told Offred to come back next month if she change her mind, he giving Offred a decision to save herself or die. We know Janine would do it for sure with doctor!

Brainstorming for better Topic…

What influenced Tyler to be the Prophet was what he inherited from his parents and the experiences he had from his time traveling through the world after the Georgia Flu. He inherited his mother ideals from young age well before he started to travel. The knowledge and ideals written in The New Testament. His time traveling through the world post Georgia Flu. Then leading into him become the Prophet based on The New Testament and Dr. Eleven.

There are many possible influences that could’ve led Tyler to be the Prophet, but none is more important than the beginning with his mother. Tyler’s mother Elizabeth is considered to be woman that kept a positive outlook with ideal “Everything Happens for a reason” this ideal was engraved onto Tyler from a young age. In year one, Tyler told Clark about why he read to the dead people in quarantined airplane “I just want them to know that it happened for a reason” the word reason is there just like Elizabeth’s believes. This is related to Elizabeth’s believes “Everything Happens for a reason” and Tyler is asking for a reason to why everyone in airport was alive to Clark. Even Clark was not happy because reason doesn’t exist it because it just happened they were lucky not to be infected. This show the amount of influences that Tyler’s mother Elizabeth had on him from young age.

After Elizabeth and Tyler departed from Severn Airport with religious wanders, there could’ve been major influences in time span to present time that could’ve make Tyler decided to be the Prophet. From what the Prophet said “I saw my mother die twice” he mentioned that death of body and death of soul, it could mean he saw mother death physical and then he could’ve burn body to represent the death of the soul. The major influences were Tyler witnessing his mother death, and combine with Dr. Eleven quote on comic “You were his second-in-command, you must lead in his place” he taken up his mother believes as he became the Prophet.


I really don’t know what to do for my topic. I want my topic to be like “what influenced Tyler to the Prophet” but that doesn’t sound persuasive at all. I feel like trying to deepen into Tyler the Prophet character because he wasn’t mentioned at all for those years he was traveling and why he became Prophet. It not matter not having much type it doesn’t feel like I’m persuasive, but exploration into character frame.

What influences a Prophet?

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, it is revealed that the Prophet is actually Arthur Leander’s son Tyler. As Tyler now known as the prophet, one is to wonder, what led him to be the prophet, what could’ve been the influence that make him into the prophet. Could’ve it have been his mother Elizabeth, she was kind of crazy or delusion after Georgia Flu. Or was it the influences from his life experiences during first few years of after Georgia Flu combine the comic book Dr. Eleven and The New testament he read as child. Regardless Tyler is the Prophet, and everything that we know about the Prophet is him.

So, Elizabeth is insane, right? Before Elizabeth left Severn City Airport, she said “We just want to live a more spiritual life,” (Mandel, 261) while leaving with a group of religious wanders saying “A new world requires new gods,” (Mandel, 261) already that doesn’t sound right. And now she wants to follow them, she must be insane or will be insane because these people chant in a language no one knows around a bonfire, that is creepy. If normal sanity person see that they avoid it, and everyone in that airport ignore them during time they’ve stay with them. Even Dolores said after they left the airport “That kind of insanity’s contagious,” (Mandel, 261) I guess Elizabeth caught that insanity and that sum up everything in one line to what happened to Elizabeth. Thus, she was raising Tyler while they’re being expose to this insanity, it no wonder he became the Prophet of a doomsday cult from his mother’s bad influences.

Maybe what really influenced or made Tyler to become the Prophet was his life after the Georgia Flu, the comic with the book that he held onto all his life after the Georgia Flu. It is strange thing that Tyler the Prophet held onto The New Testament that his mother owned and the Dr. Eleven vol. 1, no. 1: Station Eleven that his father sent to him as child. During the confrontation between Tyler the Prophet and Kirsten, he responded “But it’s too late for that,” (Mandel, 302) to Kristen quoting from Dr. Eleven “We long only to go home, we dream of sunlight, we dream of walking on the Earth.” (Mandel, 302) his response to these quotes describes Tyler has given up on the old world before Georgia Flu. Maybe he sees that this world has abandon them already, and he see that this world is punishing them as they bear witness to the people around them will slowly die off. Since they mentioned that life spam for human was shorten dramatically compared to before Georgia Flu. From ideals that his mother told him that “Everything happens for a reason” (Mandel, 261) he came to this conclusion based on his mother reasoning and his experiences during first few years of Georgia Flu, which became something that influenced him to be the Prophet.

The quote on the fold up page of Dr. Eleven comic he held onto “You were his second-in-command, Dr. Eleven. In his absence, you must lead” (Mandel, 304) this powerful line that could been huge part of influencing Tyler. Tyler must had view himself as Dr. Eleven having to take up the mantle as the Prophet to lead the people with same ideas as those religious wanders. I think Tyler was still sane, while his mother became insane for the time they had left the Severn airport. He must have thought I must lead humanity to salvation, and he decided like the quote “You were his second-in-command, Dr. Eleven. In his absence, you must lead” in his mind he must have thought I must be like Dr. Eleven, he must lead his group to spread these religious ideals, so he taken up the mantle as the Prophet. He held onto his mother ideals from New Testament and his father’s Dr. Eleven comic as a reminder. Thus, Tyler became the Prophet we know now.

It was not strange that the prophet was carrying a copy of The New Testament, but it was strange that it doesn’t match up to those religious wanders’ ideals “A new world requires new gods,” that doesn’t make sense if that case, would you not want a new newer testament for these new gods? The New Testament or Book of Revelation doesn’t fit into that quote from those religious wanders because the book came from the world before the Georgia Flu. Not only that but he had inside The New Testament was a page from the comic Dr. Eleven. I think Tyler the Prophet remember everything from time before and after the Georgia Flu, his mother and father, even all harsh experience he had go through during early years of after the Georgia Flu, which why he held his memories from his mother and father very close to him as he traveled as the Prophet. I think Tyler was leading his cult as the Prophet to keep his group of people alive through the world that became hell in his eyes. In Book of Revelation, there was always a struggle between good and evil, which portraits onto Tyler killing people as the Prophet and protecting his believers. These aspects influenced Tyler to be the Prophet.

I want leave this idea worth questioning “Maybe Tyler thought himself as new god that those religious wanders were going on about, and he as new god protected only his believers from his cult” or “Maybe Tyler the Prophet was like False Prophet in Book of Revelations and mark he place on people is referenced to the mark of the beast?”

Arthur Leander !

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, we once again return to the past before epidemic of the Georgia Flu, where we follow Arthur Leander. After going through three divorces and losing custody battle to his second ex-wife for his child Tyler. He is now in another crazy mess, when his old childhood friend Victoria sold the letters that he wrote to her all those years ago about his life and feeling he had, which will be the book called “Dear V: An Unauthorized Portrait of Arthur Leander”. In this event that transpire with this unauthorized book, we’ll see a more reasonable and kinder Arthur, and we may see Arthur Leander is not such a bad person as we’re all portraying him to be.

As Arthur reveals to Miranda about his old friend Victoria and the book called “Dear V: An Unauthorized Portrait of Arthur Leander” he admitted to Miranda “I was angry at first, I’m still angry, but the truth is, I think I deserved everything I got.”(211) In this one line, Arthur admits he is the one at fault for the crazy events that occurred so far that we know from earlier in Station Eleven. This is an example of taking responsibility for his mistake because he admitting he deserved this predictive. He told Miranda “I treated Victoria like a diary”(211) he admits to that and it is true, he never once wrote thank you in those letters that he sent to Victoria. He thinking back all those letters in Dear: V when he received a copy of the book, he realized he wasn’t acting like a true friend in how he wrote those letters.

As Arthur and Miranda are talking about the Victoria and Dear-V, we are accompany with Kirsten in her younger years. In this instance Miranda notice Arthur was acting different “In the way he looked at the girl, Miranda saw how much he missed his own child, his distant son”(213) we can see Arthur is lonely because he can’t be with son Tyler. This show Arthur does have human emotions because he can feel loneliness. From what we know about Kirsten in her later years and her connection to Arthur, and Kirsten is 7-8 years ago same as his son Taylor are around same age in this part of the story. We can see Arthur may have treated Kirsten with kindness and affection in place of his distant son. We’re now seeing a kinder side to Arthur because in the way he treats Kirsten right now because he suffer from loneliness of missing his son Tyler.

As Arthur is talking to Miranda about his old friend Victoria and Dear: V, we see he admits that he wasn’t acting like true friend in how he wrote those letters to Victoria for all those years. Then later, we see are accompanied with Kirsten in her younger years, and Arthur is treating Kirsten with affection and caring in place of his distant son. We see here Arthur is much more calmer and admitting, and is his loneliness he can’t be with his son. I feel this Arthur is better than the drama and crazy woman affairs he had with his ex-wives. In short, I feel there is large character development with Arthur in how we see Arthur Leander right now in this part of the story.

The grown girl, and the light and dark path to the future.

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Madel, the story is broken up to different sections each focusing on a different character who serves as the protagonist for that story. In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” it focuses on Kirsten, who was a little girl in Toronto production of King Lear, where Arthur Leander died. In her story, twenty years has passed since Jeevan part of story and epidemic of Georgia Flu. The setting of the world has retrogressed to time when machine like automobile and such thing didn’t exist or was in progression to become machines that were run by electrics.

The story opens up with twenty years’ time skip after Jeevan part. We focus on Kirsten, she is described as “Now she walked in sandals whose soles has been cut from an automobile tire, three knives in her belt. She carrying a paperback version of the play, the stage directions highlighted in yellow. “Mad,” she said, continuing, “fantastically dressed with wild flowers.”.” To describe Kirsten, she is still performing in plays, why else would she carry a script for play. As for what she wears, she wearing sandals whose soles has been cut from car tire, so how you look isn’t important. The most important things she is wearing is the belt with three knives, this could be signifying that everyone needs to carry a weapon to protect themselves. (Mandel, 35)


The picture above shows the young Emperor of Yamato from Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen, who in reality is a human scientist named Mito that survived the apocalypse before the start Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen. Mito discovered a laboratory in the ruins that was once human civilization that contained data files about all things from technology to medicine from the time before the apocalypse occurred, thus he spent the rest of his life reengineering the technology he founded to the building of his nation.


While traveling Kirsten met an inventor, “In Traverse City, the town they’d recently left, an inventor had rigged an electrical system in an attic. It was modest in scope, a stationary bicycle that when pedaled vigorously could power a laptop, but the inventor had grader aspirations: the point wasn’t actually the electrical system, the point was that he was looking the Internet.” The purpose of this invention is to get on the internet. The Internet is a massive storage of information, where we documented everything that humanity has achieved and experienced. The inventor thinking, we can recreate all the technology from before the epidemic of the Georgia Flu. What we need most is information, which is humanity strongest weapon, if we can find that information. Where we can find it, it is the internet. It similar to Mito’s situation when he discovered the laboratory’s database, where he reengineers the technology he found in data files, so we can imagine this inventor is trying to do what Mito did in Utawarerumono Itsuka no Kamen. He will try recover the information from the internet then rebuild the technology like oil-plants and other things to bring back progression to their regressed world. (Mandel, 38)

A doomsday cult is used to describe a group of people who believe in apocalypse. In post-apocalypse setting, a doomsday cult focus on rebuilding civilization to a paradise they invisioned, but this paradise can bring no good, only horrors awaits. 

When Kirsten met the Prophet and his doomsday cult, it was no surprise the senior members of her party acted fast “Quickly,” the conductor said. “Harness the horses.” “I thought we were staying a few days,” Alexandra said, a little whiny. “It’s a doomsday cult.” We see conductor here is smart, he knows this group of people is a sign of trouble, and he making the call we leaving right now because no good can come from staying here. From the story, Kirsten was looking for her friends Charlie, the sixth guitar, and the baby Annabel, and they found a graveyard with the tombstones with her friends name on it. It no surprise that doomsday cult intended to kill off her friends to bury them as live-sacrifices to who know what. There many crazy thing people believe in, and the goals of most doomsday cult in video-games as example is rebuild civilization in the sense of paradise in the image of the leader of cult known as the prophet.  (Mandel, 62)

In the world twenty years after epidemic of Georgia Flu, we see humanity trying to rebuild. We see a nameless inventor trying to rebuild the technology they had, and we see doomsday cult who believe in rebuilding their civilization to paradise for themselves through dark methods. All these events occur around Kirsten, who only want to protect the people she cares about in Symphony. In the end, everyone desires a future that a better place than what they have now, and Kirsten is thrown into storm of these events to follow.

Remembering Corrupted Blood Incident


In the begin of the book “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel, the story start off about a famous actor named “Arthur Leander” playing as King Lear, the star main actor in play King Lear. During the play, Arthur Leander had a heart attack which no one knew because everyone thought it was an act for the play, but “Jevvan Chaudhary” another character in story caught wind of the situation tries to help the actor having a heart attack. Ultimately, it was too late for Arthur Leander, which lead to his death on stage while playing role he always wanted. The story continues following “Jevvan Chaudhary” and others character that had minor interaction with one another or people that know each other.
In the story, there was epidemic with the Georgia Flu, so the title “Remembering Corrupted Blood Incident” it referred to game incident in “World of Warcraft” where an online game bug turn into a perfect example of what the human population would do if the world had epidemic. What caused this incident was players discovering that a game ability known as corrupted blood from a game boss named Hakkar the Soulflayer’s debuff can be bought outside the raid with use of players’ pets. A “debuff” is gamer term for something you don’t want on you because it opposite of benefit. The corrupted blood debuff spread in manner if you’re next to another player with the debuff you get infected and you will die few seconds later or if you manage get rid of it. Thus, it started with players and NPCs (non-player characters) dying out of nowhere because players bring back their pets with this debuff into major cities where many players’ lounge all day, and people bought those pets did with intention.
When looking at the epidemic part of story for “Station Eleven” I felt like if I was to take the role of Jevvan Chaudhary in the story I would be taking Hua’s words “you have to get out of the city (pg. 19)” because that smart thing to do. During the Corrupted Blood Incident, most players were either relocated to Westfall or Duskwood to avoid the corrupted blood, where barely any players go to for reasons not worth mentioning. Now going back to story with Hua, I think leaving city is a smart move because where there is bare any people is safe because your chance of getting Georgia Flu is reduced. That is what players did during that incident because going to Duskwood or Westfall meant you be safe because those areas were like countryside in the game. Going back to characters in bar drinking in honor of Arthur Leander “Of all of them there at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest. He died three weeks later on the road out of the city.” The bartender must have caught the Georgia Flu and died before leaving the city and dying. This what is ideal thing to do when epidemic occurs escape to outskirt of the city, and maybe bring one person you can trust. This show that corrupted blood incident was good example of what population would do if epidemic would occur even most this story take example from that study because bartender try escape the city and Hua’s warning “you have to get out of the city” was the right action to take.

Link about Corrupted Blood Incident


Class notes 10/3/2017

HW for Thu 10/5: Station Eleven Part 1 + blog post (wed 10/4)

Group Discussion “There Will be Soft Rain”

Question 6 from sheet:

  • House is altar is metaphor,
  • the way the quote is sounded in religiousness way,
  • the ritual of the religion continued senseless endlessly it refer how the machine doing chores is like ritual that the machine of the house continue doing endlessly because program to do it, and the endlessly is referred as it continue but the owner already died

To describe “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)”  in one sentence: A highly advance technological house taking care of the house chores  while not knowing the family or owner is long decreased.

Information about “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)” 


  1. house(domestic)
  2. destroyed city(radio active glow, in rubbers)


  1. House’s task
  2. fire/tree destroying the house


  1. Natural v.s. Technology


  1. Dog
  2. Dead people
  3. House(robot)

Figure languages 

  1. Foreshadowing

Word Describe the House in the Story: Hollow, Lonely, Abandon, Empty Shell, Hurry, Death, Aliened.

“August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)” In-dept look 

  • Personification of the Clock in the story  Clock dictating the house to give orders for certain task. “if it were afraid that nobody would” and “repeating it sounds into the emptiness”(First Paragraph)
  • The amount of food represent how many people was living in the house.(Second Paragraph)
  •  Date “August 4, 2026, Location: Allendale, California (Third Paragraph)
  • The Five Spots were the people before they disintegrate from a bomb explosion

Idea and thoughts that were bought up in discussion 

  • Automation: Technology replacing people
  • Media: adaption, technological determination, science fiction, apocalypse
  • Early 20th century events: World War 1, World War 2, Cold War
  • Smart House, Internet of things
  • Connection maybe technology take us over or over reliance of technology
  • When did you ask yourself the question “Where are the people?” in  “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)” ?
  • Nuclear shadow
  • indirectly nuclear blast in “August 2026: There Will be Soft Rain(1950)”

Video: title:(High Quality) Famous “Daisy” Attack Ad From 1964 Presidential Election


The world 76 years later

In “August 2026:There Will Come Soft Rains” (1950) by Ray Bradbury is a story about the life in the future in 76 years later from now from 1950. In the future a house can do all your chores, cleaning, cooking, you name it, it shall be done! The only downside is that the setting of the world is post-apocalyptic because “The house stood alone in city of rubber and ashes” this house is only thing not destroyed in the middle of the city that in ruins. Whether human life still walks on this planet is questionable.

Is there still human life on this Planet? We don’t know if there still human life on the planet, but we do know animals still living on the planet. When house acted on“How carefully it had inquired, “Who goes there? What’s the password?” and, getting no answer from lonely foxes and whining cats..(page2)” This mean there still animal like foxes or cats that roaming outside the house, so this show signs of life on the planet. When bird fly next to the house’s window the automatic machine responses with “If sparrow brushed a window, the shade snapped up. The bird, startled, flew off! No, not even a bird must touch the house!” This show still bird roaming the skies and still alive. Then the house “A dog whined, shivering, on the front porch.The front door recognized the dog voice and opened.(page 2)” The house automatic opens it door for the dog that maybe belong to master of the house at one point in time, so dog may belong to master house and still living for now. We can conclude there still life on this planet because their still dog, cats, bird, and foxes still are around, so we can assuming there still human life on the planet because the planet still can sustain life.

Base on the story, we can build some information about this house and it owners. The house is basically automatic, it do chores for you, but the owner are no longer there base this text evidences “But the gods had gone away, and the ritual of the religion continued senselessly, uselessly.” They referred the owners of the house as gods, and the ritual of religion is the chores, so the house is empty no human live there. When the house activated the garden sprinklers it mentioned “The five spots of paint-the man, the woman, the children, the ball-remained(page 1)” this mean a family father, mother, son, and daughter lived in that house at one point in time possibly. The owner may have owned a dog because ““A dog whined, shivering, on the front porch.The front door recognized the dog voice and opened.(page 2)” At nine o’clock, the house ask the master for which poem “Mrs. McClellan, which poem would you like this evening?” this mean the owner last name was McClellan and married person because “Mrs.” This concludes that this house belong to a owners with name “Mrs. McClellan” and it was family of father, mother, son, and daughter lived there.

First I want say “Rest in Peace” for the house that continue it duty even when the masters of the house was no longer there. It very dark to imagine a post-apocalyptic setting for the story, and this one house remain intact in the middle of a city of rubber and ashes. Overall, I do question why a house that so far in technology that can do all house chores and cooking got destroyed by falling tree because I imagined the house should’ve been hardened steel surrendering it, but I guess people in past never imagine that far into future how things can change. This setting remind me of games like “Nier Automata” and “Fallout series” because they had post-apocalyptic setting as well. The video game lover can imagine the world of post-apocalyptic like those games.