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Introduction Post

Hello everyone, my name is Imani Morgan, I’m a sophomore and I’m majoring in Liberal Arts and Arts and this is my first time using Open Lab. My hobbies are reading, technology, and braiding. English has always been my favorite subject in school. I don’t have a particular genre of books that I like, as long as it’s not boring i’ll read it. When I first attended City Tech I wanted to pursue a career in the nursing field, but changed my major to Liberal Arts so I can receive enough credits to transfer to Brooklyn College to get my bachelors to become an English Teacher for the ninth grade. As an English teacher, I want to expose my students to literature that will interest them so they can see that reading isn’t boring but it’s what you read. I’m on a mission to change how students perceive reading. I am a cat mom to my cat named Princess. I had her since I was in  the fifth grade and she’s my baby.  She’s on the plump side and my pet peeve is when people call her “fat”, the better term is plump and healthy.A few of the things  I enjoy are swimming, hiking, kayaking, and just being outdoors. Usually over the summer I stay with my cousin in Albany, NY since the summer on my way to sixth grade but this summer I stayed in Brooklyn sadly, so my friends and I made the best of it. We went  roller skating at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sky Zone, and had multiple small gatherings at each others houses.

What I enjoy most about reading and writing is being able to express myself. I’m very opinionated and I like to persuade people into seeing things from my point of view. What I dislike most about writing and critical thinking is when I have writers block and I know what I want to write but I cant put it down on paper. I dislike writing essays on things that don’t interest me because I don’t put in all my effort Other than that I always and still do writing and reading.