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Wrapping Up the Semester

We made it! We’re just about through with the course, so I’m sharing a few things to keep in mind as we wrap up this semester:

Essay 2
This final essay, worth 30% of your overall course grade, is due on F 12/15 at 1pm. Submit via Dropbox as a Microsoft Word document (label correctly!). Refer to the Essay 2 page on our site for details on this assignment and the submission link. Also, refer to our in-class writing workshops (your notes, and the class notes about them), the feedback from me in our conference(s) about your draft, feedback on Essay 1, and the Writing Resources page on our site. Also, check out the blogs I made on Tips for Revising Essay 1, which also apply to this essay.

Final Course Reflections
Individual Final Course Reflections, worth 10% of your final course grade, are due by the start of class, 2:30pm, on Tu 12/19. You will be submitting the reflection privately (only I will see it) via Dropbox, as a Microsoft Word document (correctly labeled) and you will also bring one printed copy to our last class. Refer to the Final Course Reflection page on our site for details on this assignment and the submission link.

Final Assignment Grades + Final Course Grades

The deadline for professors to submit final course grades for the Fall 2017 semester is W 12/27 at midnight. Please wait to view your course grade online through CUNYfirst (I will not be giving out final course grades via e-mail). Final grades are non-negotiable, though I am always more than happy to discuss them / your work with you at any point in person, to review the breakdown and the grades’ rationale. If you would like to discuss any of your grades and / or receive additional feedback on your Essay 2 or Final Course Reflection, e-mail me to do so (we can always also schedule an appointment to discuss your work in-person when we return to campus at the end of January, when the new semester starts up).

Thank you, & stay in touch!
Finally, it was a pleasure to work with you all this semester. I wish you the best of luck wrapping up the semester and on your final exams, and in your future endeavors at City Tech, & beyond. You all worked incredibly hard this semester, and I really appreciate your consistent effort and good cheer each week. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and learned a lot about literary fiction and critical thinking / reading / writing / reflection, and that you enjoyed reading some great short stories and novels. Have a wonderful winter break & happy holiday season (best of luck in 2018!), & don’t hesitate to be in touch /stop by my office in future semesters to discuss your work in this course and beyond, chat literature in general, or just say hi  :)


City Tech Science Fiction Symposium on 12/6: Extra Credit Opportunity!

City Tech is holding its 2nd Annual Symposium on Science Fiction on Wednesday, December 6th. This event is free and happening all-day (9:00am-6:00pm) on campus: all of the day’s events take place in Namm 119 except for the final tour of the City Tech Science Fiction Archives (you don’t want to miss this: check out information about the collection to get a sense of what is there).

I encourage you to attend the Symposium, and in possible, to make the keynote, which is at 4pm. We are so honored to have Samuel Delany speaking then, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime treat 🙂 (You can learn more about Delany and his contributes to Science Fiction in this New Yorker article, “Samuel Delany and the Past and Future of Science Fiction”).

This is a totally optional event, but I encourage you to attend if you can and to share what you’ve learned with the class. If you attend a portion (or all!) of the Symposium on W 12/6 & blog in response by Su 12/10 you will get extra credit (yay!).

This extra credit will replace a missing blog if you missed some blogs, or it will count as extra credit if already you did all of your blogs (bonus points). Please note that, as always, there are only two grades for this extra credit blog: 100 and 0. If you attend the event and blog your responses/reflections thoughtfully and comprehensively, you will receive 100% (otherwise,  you will receive no credit). Don’t forget to take notes at the event, so you can include concrete details in your blog.

Please categorize your blog as “City Tech Science Fiction Symposium.”

Register Now for Spring 2018 Literature Courses

As I mentioned in class, the English Department has an OpenLab site where students can view all of our upcoming literature courses. Check out our awesome line-up of courses for Spring 2018:

As you know, I’m teaching our upper-level “Topics in Literature” (ENG 3402) courses on “Self-Help Literature” this Spring, the same days/times as this class (Tu/Th 2:30-3:45pm). It should be a really interesting course, and a lot of fun too (and if fulfills writing-intensive, Common Core, and capstone requirements). Check out the poster below, and feel free to ask me more about the course if you’re interested 🙂

Download (PDF, 138KB)

Crowdsourcing Claims

Since we didn’t have time for every group to present in class today, we’ll be continuing here with “virtual presentations.” To make your presentation, each group should comment here with their work and what they want to communicate to the class.

Only one person per group needs to comment (and only one comment per group!), but please make sure that at the top of your comment, you list each group member, so that everyone gets credit for their work.

A reminder: a quick overview of your chapters, two claims, with three pieces of evidence per claim (provide a quote, analysis, and connection to your overall point). Your goal is have focus, make an argument, and to synthesize your discussion.

Please get the comments up here by W 10/25 by 5pm.

Class Discussion #7: “People’s Choice Posts” for ‘Station Eleven,’ Parts 7-9

We’ve finally finished Station Eleven, and here’s your chance to reflect on the entire novel and your classmates’ responses to it.

Read through all reading response blogs for Station Eleven, Parts 7-9, choose a favorite post, and explain your rationale for choosing it. Then share the post/excerpt/rationale by “commenting” here on this post. Don’t forget to link to the post you are citing (you can now hyperlink comments rather than just copying/pasting the URL: give it a shot!).

Comments should be made no later than Wednesday, 10/25, and the one with the most votes will earn the coveted “People’s Choice” honor! As always, I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose, and why. Happy reading 🙂